Page 9, 25th June 1937

25th June 1937
Page 9
Page 9, 25th June 1937 — "TO FIND OUT WHERE WE HAVE FAILED"

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Pope Sends Apostolic Letter to Christ King Congress

The Congress of Christ the King which is taking place in Poznan (Poland) and whose great importance was under!hted (June 4) in the Catholic Herald has been singularly honoured by the Holy Father.

The Pope has taken the occasion of a Congress whose special purpose it is to study ways and means of combating atheism to write an " Apostolic Letter " to Cardinal Hlond, Primate of Poland.

His Holiness recalls the Encyclical Quas Primus which twelve years ago founded the feast of Christ the King and praises the periodical congresses that have been held under this title. The present one, the fifth, he points out, is wider in its scope and more international than its predecessors.

International Aspect

" It is its truly international note which above all pleases us in this Poznan Congress," he writes. " For if those who do not wish Christ to reign over them never cease from the attempt to drag the world down to share with them their hate, is it not suitable that those who glory in being the sons of that Kingdom, should gather together from all parts of the world their thoughts and their forces in order to form the single army in defence of Christ the King?"

The Pope then recalls the Encyclical Divini Redernptoris " against the monstrous danger which imposes itself on all nations because of the impious doctrine and faction of Communism " and asks who of Christ's followers is not pre-occupied by the " lamentable and gloomy spectacle which the world today offers to our eyes."

Procedure of Research

Describing the possibilities of the present Congress Pius XI says: " See to it that you may perfectly understand the forces, the methods, the plans of the adversaries of Christ; diligently study how much Catholics have done so far so that you may understand the reasons why the expected success has often not attended the initial good efforts; seek for the better tactics that the strenuous workers of Catholic Action may effectively adopt in their hard work and their daily struggle."

The letter goes on to insist that the central aim of all must be to see to it that " He may reign in such a way that not only shall '1[-Ili,gform by His grace the minds of all men, but that, with the help of His servants perfectly trained in the knowledge of the perfect law of liberty, He may pervade and govern in truth and justice the whole of public life."

" The Bulwark of Christianity "

This appeal, the Pope insists, is not only addressed to those who are to work in this Congress in Poland but to all who may be labouring anywhere as good soldiers of Christ. Let them keep peace among themselves; let them forget their own private good; and let them adhere to the commands of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.

Finally the Pope expresses his pleasure at the fact that the Congress is being held in Poland, " the bulwark of Christianity."

The Polish Government has sent a representative to the Congress in the person of Professor Swietoslawski, Minister of Education and Arts.

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