Page 10, 25th June 1971

25th June 1971
Page 10
Page 10, 25th June 1971 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS Cardinal Heenan of Westminster— Offers Mass for official

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BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS Cardinal Heenan of Westminster— Offers Mass for official

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°Perim* of new korh 1,111161nd. RIckmansworth 3_00: Monday. A.G.M of Converts' Aid Society, Dorchester Hotel 6.00: Tueaday, SUMO hidSS ror Feast 91 ss Peter flt Paul 10,30. concelebrates Mass. Catheoral 6.00: Thursday, Reception on 8th anniversar y of Pope's coronation. Rembrandt Hotel 6 00 B ishop Guasaelii, Auxiliary of Westminster—FrIday. M255 and Confirmation Our Lady and St _Joseph. Kingsland 7.00: Saturday and Sunday. Visitation. Immaculate Heart of Marv. Homerton; Tuesday. Etnard meetino. Hospital of St. John & St. Elizabeth. 2.30: St. Thomas More Family Group Mass 7.30, Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary Of Westminster—Fridav. Justice & Peace meeting. Totteridge 6.00: Saturday, VorationS meeting. Mill Hill 500; Sunday. confirmation at Ealing 5.00: Presentation, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Harlesden 6.00. Monday. Converts' Aid Society. 5.00: Wednesday, confirmation at Willesden 7.00: Thursday. confirmation at Ashford 6.30; Friday Confirmation at Teddlngton 6.00.

Archbiahop lawyer of Birmingham— Sunday, confirmation, St. Anne's, laraciford St, 3.00; MOnday, Clergy meeting St. Chad's, 11.00; Clergy meeting Wolverhampton 3.00: Newman Society. Coventry 8.00. Wednesday, clergy meeting. Banbury, 3.0.

Bishop Emery. Auxiliary of Birmingham—Friday. meetMg of Diocesan trustees 3.00: Sunday. confirmation. St. Patrick's Coventry: 4.00 Monday. Clergy meeting, St. 'Chad's: 11.00 Tuesday. TMauSrSs and confirmation St. Anne's Covent, y; Wednesday. meeting of Coventry Council of Churches 7.30 Thursday. :

ay. meeting of Education Cornmisalon: Friday, visits 501001 and sick.

St. Mary's. Studley.

Archbishop Beck Of Liverpool—Friday. Christian Responsibility Campaign Meeting. Curial Offices, 7.30: Sunday. lays foundation stone. Our Lady of Walsingham, Netherton, Bootle. COO; Monday. Meeting of Northern Bishops: Tuesday. Standing Committee of Pastoral Council. 5.30: Wednesday. meeting of Archcliocesan Schools Commission 10.45; Ordains Fr. Michael Duggan at Holy Ghost, for d.

B ishop Harris. Auxiliary of Liverpool —Friday a, Saturday. meeting Of Commission for Social Welfare: Monday, meeting of Northern bishops. Man. chester 11.00; Monday to Thursday, Etrecutive meeting of International Federation Cl Catholic Medical Association: Friday. Visits to sick and schools, St. Marrs Woolton. Liverpool, B ishop Gray, AuxIllarv of Liverpool —Sunday, Mass at St. Elizabetha's Litherland 11.00: Mass and confirrn lion at St. Margaret Mary, Liverpool 3; Mass and confirmation. St. Elizabeth's, titherlartd, 6-30. Monday. meeting of Northern bishops. Salford, 11.30; Tuesday, concelebratIon of Mass In Westminster Cathedral on Bth anniversary of coronation of the Pope. 6.00: Wednesday, Mass In St. Winifred's. Bootle; Mass and confirmation, St. Jnan's, Booth.. 7.30. Thursday, vlS11 10 Dchools and sick. St. Robert Betiarmine, Bootle. 10.30; Mass and Confirmation. St_ Mary Magdalene, Pen. wortham, 7.30; Friday, Visits School and sick In .parish of St. Joan's, Bootle, 10.30.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth— Sunday: ,Confirmation and visitation St.

Josephs. Bracknell, Tuesday: Attends

Opening of Park Presvett Hospital Chapel, Basingstoke. 3.30. Wednesday. Attends council of priests meeting. Park Place Wickham, 11.00. Thursday. Consecration of New altar. St. Johns Cathedral Portsmouth, 3.00.

Bishop Grant of Northampton— Friday, meeting of Justice and Peace Comm issicin. Saturday and Sunday. Visitation and Confirmation at St. Ives Tuesday, Confirmation at Buckden: Wednesday. Thursday, meeting of Chao. ter.

B ishop Clark. Auxiliary of Northampton—Ordination. At Our Lady 01 the ,Andunciation, Kings Lynn. Sunday; Tuesday: Zoncelebration: Westminster Cathedral in Honour of the 8th Annum. oars of the Cnronation of Pope Paul VI, 6_00.

B ishop Ellis of Nottingham—Friday!

B less Extensions. St. Mary's Primers, School. Derby 3.00. Saturday: Mass for Handicapped Children's Society. Cathedral 4.00. Sunday. Visitation and Confirmation. Whitwick: Tuesday: CMcelebrated Mass tor Pope Westminster 6.30: Wednesday: Holy Trinity Primary School, Newark, 5.00. Thursday: ViSitalion and Confirmation. Wirksworth 6.30.

Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth— Saturday. Ordination of a Priest, Exmouth. 3.00. Sunday: Leads Diocesan Pilgrimage to Launceston In honour of St. Cuthbert Mayne. Wednesday: Attends Jubilee mass at St. AugustioeS Priory, Abbotsleigh. 11.00.

Bishop Lindsay. Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastie--Saturday: Ordinations to the Diaconate Ushaw College. Durham. 10 00. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation St. NInlans Wooler. 3.30. Thursday: Visits Handicapped Children's Club St. Catherines Convent Newcastle. 7.30.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds—Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, 'Baildon. St. Aidans, Monday: Meeting of Northern Wallops. Wardiey Hall, 11.30. Tuesday: SS. Peter and Paul. Evening Mass. Cathedral. Thursday: Governors meeting Trinity and All Saints Colleges 11.00.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster—rriday: Visits School and Sick of St. Anthony Fulwood. 2.00. Saturday' Ordains Sub deaCCuts Lancaster. 9.00. Attends Diocesan Pastoral COuncil at the Chaplainry, Lancaster University. 11.00. Sunday: Ordains Rev. D. Gould to the Priesthood 11.00. Ordains Rev G. Loma. and G. Barrett to Diaconate at St. Wilfreds, Preston, Monday: Meeting Of Northern Bishops at Wardley Hall 11.30Tuesday: Hierarchy Mass at Westminster Cathedral for the Holy Father. 6_00 Thursday, Attends Finance Commission meeting at Lancaster 10.30. Visitation and Confirmation at St. Bernard, Knott End, 7.00.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood—TuesdaY: conrelehrates fvtass at Westminater Cathedral On anniversary of Pope's coronation. B ishop Bowen of Arundel and

B righton--Saturclay: Celebrates Mass

Holy Child Convent School, MaYheid. Presents prizes. 11.30. Sunday: Visits St. John's Seminary, Wonersh. Presents Papal Honours. Esher. 3.00. Monday: Attends meeting of Diocesan Council of Administration, at Bi3h0P5 HOuse, Hove. Tuesday: Visits Horton Psychlatric Hospital, EpSom. Administers Conarmation. St. Ebbas Hospital, EPSOM 4.30. Thursday: Attends reception at Rembrandt Hotel to mark Eighth Anniversary of the Coronation of the Holy Father. 5.0.

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