Page 10, 25th March 1937

25th March 1937
Page 10
Page 10, 25th March 1937 — POLITICAL TRUCE IN BELGUIM

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Organisations: Popular Front
People: M. Van Zeeland


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Van Zeeland and Communists

From Our Belgian Correspondent M. Van Zeeland has called for an Easter truce in the electoral campaign.

" As a Christian," he exclaims, " I wish one thing. That a God's truce be observed. I desire the campaign to be at a complete standstill during Holy Week or at least from Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday."

Alluding to the Communist support given him, he states very decidedly I owe nothing to the Communists. I expect nothing from the Communists. Ever since I have been in the Government, they have never ceased to attack me. Their slogan All anti-Fascists must unite ' is language out of place in Belgium. The Communist doctrine is in direct opposition to the Christian doctrine. The formation of a Popular Front in Belgium is exactly contrary to what I wish and is what I want to stop. The formation of a Right Front would be the inevitable answer. But I want to avoid that too! "

In answer, M. I.eon Degrelle proclaims: " M. Van Zeeland does not wish to be the candidate of the Popular Front. Yet he is! His candidature is anti-Fascist in the French and Spanish sense of the word.

" In outlawing Rexism, a great national movement, and excluding it from the national community, he has created that division of Belgium into two hostile

blocs ' of which he says he has a horror!

" If M. Van Zeeland had considered Rex as an active opposition—troublesome, awkward, perhaps—but national, he would not have raised this opposition to what it has become today through his fault. For on the one side you have all the parties. On the other, stands Rex, an undeniable reality. Whether the label of Popular Front be attached to the Van Zeeland coalition or not, is of little importance, the result is the same.

"After the last elections, all this could have been spared. M. Van Zeeland let himself be manreuvred by the Socialists, Instead of allowing Rexism to be a constitutional opposition, he treated us as enemies of the Fatherland with exceptional and illegal severity! "

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