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25th March 1938
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Page 2, 25th March 1938 — FOREIGN BROADCASTS FOR YOU

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March 26 April 1 ( inclusive) The following list is specially compiled each week for the Catholic Herald.

(Rmno &WANK) : Sunday, 4.0 p.m.. Lenten Lecture by the Rev. 1111 Kelly. :KJ., from St, Francis Xavier's, Dublin : The Catholic Church and the Modern State. 6.25 p.m., Choral and Organ Recital from the Prancitican Church, Merchant's (Puy, Dublin. 8.25 p.m.. 'Palk by the Ven. Archtleacen Kelleher, P.P.. V.G.: The Eneyelivals and Vocational Organisation. 10.30 p.m.. Five Minute Appeal by Fr. Simon Hayes, 0.D.C.: The Magdalen Home of the Sisters of Charity, Donnybrook. Monday, K45 p.m., O'Carolan Commemoration •Con

cert from Longford. (Friday), 5.311 p.m.. Gaelic Concert from 81. Louis' Convent, Balla.

Blow M reBTXR : Sunday, 9.0 p.m., Address by the Rev. Fr. GOchWILOI.

BORDEAUX-LAPATETTE : Monday. 8.0 " The Messiah " Oratorio (Handel). (Handel wrote tide oratorio in only twenty-four days. The first performance was given in Dublin and it was not heard in London until a year later).

BRATISLAVA: Sunday, 8.0 a.m., High Mass from St. Martin's Cathedral. Mass ie E flat (Gritatbacher). Tuesday, 4.3(1 p.m.. Organ Recital from the Franciscan Church.

BRESLAU : Sunday, 8.11 a.m., Service.

BRNO : Sunday, 8.0 a.m., I3.igh Maas from St. 1,Venceslas Cathed ral.

BRUSSELS (1) : Sunday, 10.0 a.m.. Organ Recital. 6 p.m., Address by Mgr. Picard : The Mediator. Tuesday, RC'B Programme. 4.11 p.m., " Gaspard de la nuit "-Poem (Aloysilts Bertrand) with Ravel Music. 5.5 p.m.. "Le rosaire des joins "-Poems (Marie Noel). 6.0 p.m., Review by Mgr. Picard. 6.15 p.m.. " Vieillards " (R.ainer Maria Rilke) with Faure Music. (Rilke, who died in 1926, was one of the great mystics of the century, and his poems are all imbued with his obsession about death). 7.0 p.m., " The Death of Beethoven "-Play (Meer).

BetsseLs (II) : Sunday, 5.45 p.m., Address by Fr. van Gestel, 0.P.: The Mystical Sufferings of Christ.

Bummer (I) : Sunday, 9.0 a.m.. High Mass. Wednesday, "Don Giovanni " Opera (Mozart) from the Royal Opera.

COLOGNE: Sunday. 7.5 a.m.. Service, with Ad(trete) by the hey. Fr. Leiwerung. 7.30 a.m., Organ Recital.

Hitvenstos (II): Sunday, KR() Programme. 9.31) a.m., High Mass from St. Joseph's, Helmond. 10.30 a.m., Records: Excerpts from the St. Matthew Passion (Bach). 1.40 p.m., Answers to Listeners' Letters by Pr. (Wen, RI'. 2.25 p.m.. Hereogenbosch Mixed Choir.

Gloria (Gascogne). Tim est potent is (Mouton). Et incarnates eat Master). Agnus (Hasler). Magnifleat (Ostere). 3.5 p.m., " The Living God "-Passion Play (Cita and Suzanne Malard)-Part I : "Palm Sunday." Introductory Talk by Pr. Perquite O.P. (The action of this " Radio Report of the Passion " takes place on four days: Palm Sunday, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day. The scene of Part I which listeners will hear today is set in a busy Paris street, and opens with a Radio Reporter who wishes to interview God, not God the Father. but God the Son. " The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us." The Reporter stops all he meets with the question, " Excuse me. who is Jesus of Nazareth?", and obtains the opinions of a child, a smart woman. an academician, a priest, a Joeist, etc. He then enters a church for the Palm Sunday procession. The liturgical chants gradually fade away and we hear the roar of a crowd and then tile voice of the Reporter giving a modern radio report on Our Lord's entry into Jerusalem. This in turn fades and we hear the Angelus and are once more back in the busy centre of Paris). 4.10 p.m., For Hospitals. 7.30 p.m., Talk by Fr. Peels. 10.20 p.m., Choral Epilogue. 10.40 p.m., Talk in Esperanto: Katolika Pacifismo. Tuesday, 7.55 p.m., Lenten Service from Henry's, Amersfoort. Thursday. 11.10 a.m., Fr. Perquin. 01'.

limvsasrm (I): Friday, 11.10 a.m., Fr. Percoin, O.P.

Kurorramau and COPENHAGEN : Thursday, 7.10 p.m., Miss.% solemnis (Beethoven).

FAUNAS: SIJoday, 9.15 a.m., Maas.

Lir xsaaeorizo : .Sunday, 11.90 a.m.. Address by the Rev. Fr. Colton : The three days' Agony. Tuesday, 7.45 p.m., " Pelleas Medisande "-Opera (Debussy) from the Municipal Theatre. (Debussy based this, his only opera, on Maeterlinek's play). Thursday. 10.30 a.m., Mass for the Sick from Clervaux Benedictine Abbey. Mass. Laetoter eon Kyrie XVI. 1.5 p.m., Excerpts from the talk on Chateaubriand delivered by Andre Maurois at the Societe ties Conforenites on March 30: The last years. Friday, 10.15 a.m., Repetition of the Thursday, 1.5 p.m., broadcast.

LYONS (PTT): Monday, 7.30 p.m.. Concert. " Redemption " Oratorio (Franck). Exeerpts from " Prince Igor " (Borodin).

MILAN and Nowa Gitones: Sunday. 10.0 a.m., Mimi cantata from the Basilica of the Annunciation. Florence. 11.0 a.m., Reading and Explanation of the Gospel. 11.15 a.m. (Palermo only), Mass from the Franciscan Church. 9.0 p.m. (Rome Group only), Choral Concert. 9.25 p.m. (Rome Group only), Organ Recital. Tuesday (Rome Group only), 8.0 p.m., " The lthinegold "-Opera (Wagner) from La Scala. Milan. Wednesday (Rome Group only), 8.0 p.m., " The Valkyrie "-Opera (Wagner) from La Scala. Milan. Thursday (Rome Group only), 4.15 p.m., Contemporary Sacred Music for Soprano and Pfte. Friday (Rome Group only). 4.15 p.m.. From the Institute of Roman Studies: Address by Prof. Roberto Paribeni: The Christians of Antioch: Music.

" Siegfried "-Opera (Wagner) from La Scala, 'Milan.

Mosys Csssni: Sunday. 10.0 a.m., "Impreesioni misticlie sulle basilioho romane " Mats (VicarO conducted by the Composer. 10.40 a.m., Address by Fr. Alberti : Hygiene and Morals.

PARIS (Ellyn. Towss1: Tuesday, 7.30 p.m., Concert Cantata..(Baeh). Motets (Mozart). (Nam dilecta (Bauman). Part III of " The Messiah " (Handel).

PARIS (PTT) .Monday, 3.0 p.m., Organ Recital from the Schola Cantortim. 9.45 p.m., sin. joro le Trouhadee rielogita de l'Idilioen "Esperunto Play (Roger Bernard). Wednesday, 7.45 p.m., Concert by Pupils and Teachers of the National Institute for the Blind. Thursday. 5.30 p.m., A visit to the Madeleine, with organ music by M. Mignan.

Psids (RADIo erre): Friday, 8.0 p.m., Lee Petits Chanteurs de la Croix de Bois.

PARIS (RADIO-PARIS) :Sunday, 10.30 a.m.. Organ Recital. 11.0 a.m., Address by Fr. Carre: Earthly Pleasures and Grace. 11.20 a.m., Gramophone Sacred Music. 4.0 pan., Lenten Sermon by Canon Chevrot from Notre Dame : The Present Task of Modern Man.

RADIO-MEDITERRANEE : Sunday, 6.30 p.m., Cattle

lie Programme, wilh Address by Maxi Boyer.

RADIO-NORMANDY Sunday, 11.25 a.m., Address by the Rev. Fr. Laby, 0.P.: The Our Father -Thy Kingdom come.

SO•ITENs: Saturday, 7.30 p.m.. Requiem (Oraltme). Sunday, 5.55 p.m., Talk and Report: The Jocists (Jeunesse Ouvrier Catholitruel. 6.25 p.m., Gregorian Mass for the 4th Sunday in Lent, from holy Cross Church, Geneva. Thursday, 4.40 p.m., Organ Recital. 7.30 p.m., Lecture-Recital by A.bhg Bovet, with illustrations by the St. Nicholas Cathedral Choir of Fribourg: Singing in Schools (Recorded). (Abbe Bovet is the choir-muster of St. Nicholas Cathedral. He has made the collection of Swiss folk music his especial hobby).

STocifernas: Sunday, 8.30 p.m., St. Matthew's Church Moir of Berlin from St. Peter's Church, Malmo.

STRASBOURG : Saturday, 3.45 p.m. (approx.), " L'entant prodigne " (Debussy). 9.0 p.m., The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian "-Sacred Drania (d'Annunzio), Incidental Music by

Debussy. Sunday, 11.30 a.m.. Address in German. Friday, 7.30 p.m., '` Le Cloitre "Opera (Levy) to a Verhaeren Poem.

STUTTGART: Sunday, 7.30 a.m., Service.

TOULOUSE (RADIO-' OULOUSE): Sunday, 10.23 A.hhe Sorel.

WARSAW : Sunday, 13.0 a.m.. 'Miles from St. Mary's, Katowice, followed by Lenten Sermon by Archbishop Teodorowiez. Monday. 8.0 p.m., Szymanowski Anniversary Concert -Choir and Orchestra.

ZAGREB: Suuriay, 10.0 Mass.

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