Page 4, 25th March 1983

25th March 1983
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Page 4, 25th March 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

C Confirmation. N Man 0 Ordination. V VIsItillon.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Friday: Confirms handicapped children, Queen Mary's Hospital, 5 pm. C, Carehallon Beeches, 7.30 In. Saturday: WOG presentation. Sunday: Palm Sunday M, Cathedral, 11 am Monday: Area Bishops' meeting, Archbishope House. Thunder. Chrism H. Cathedral Archbishop Cause de MurvIlle of Birmingham: Friday: M at St Chads Cathedral, inauguration of Holy Year, Sunday-. M, St Chad's Cethedral, 10.30 am. Thursday, M tor Chrism, St Chad'a Cathedral. NI of the Lord's Supper, 8 pm.

Archbishop Warlock of Uyorpool: Friday: Arch. bishop's Council meeting, Curial Off ices, 10 am Seminar on the Arts, Senate Hauer,. Liverpool OM YorsilY. 230 prO. Celebrates tit for Waisingharn Asa, coition. metropolitan Cathedral, 8 pm Sunday, palm Sunday M, Metropolitan Cathedral, 11 am. Thursday: NI tor Chrism, Metropolitan Cathedral, followed bv Lonco wilt Clergy, 11 am hi of the Lord's Supper, Metropolitan Cathedral, 7 30 pm B ishop Alameda of Clifton: Friday: Meeting of South West Church Leaders, SI Ambrose, Leigh Woods, 1030 am. fitl to Inaugurate Holy Year, Clifton Cathedra. 7.30 pm. Sunday: Concelebrates M and blesees palms, Clifton Cathedral. 11 am. Thursday: Concelebrates hi of Chrism. Clifton Cathedral, 11 am Concelebrates M of the Lords Supper. Calton Oahe:Ira!, 8 pm B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Sun day: Formal Opening of Holy Year. SA, Cathedral, 6 pin. Tuesday: Meeting of Bishop's Council, Birkenhead Wednesday: Meeting of Cheshire Church Leaders' Consultation, Chester. Thursday: Celebrates Liturgy, Cathedral Bishop Rake, Auxiliary of Salter& Friday: hi for Opening of Holy Year. Salford Cathedral. 7.30 pm Sunday: Blessing of Palms and M, Salford Cathedral, I am. Monday: Visits RAF Cottesmore, Leleeeler. shire. Thursday: hi of Chrism, 11 am. Mann:Odom, Salford Cat Madre!. 7 XI pm.

B ishop CLark of East AVM: Friday: Commerce V. Si Peter and All Souls. Peterborough

Bishop Cleary, Auallery el Birmingham: Friday: Concelebrates td for Opening of Holy Year, SS Mary and John. Wolverhampton. Sunder Blessing Of Palms. Concelebrates N. SS Mary and John, VVolver hampton, ft ern. Tuesday: Commissioning of EucharlstiC Ministers. Cannock, 7.30 pm Thursday: Chriam NI, St Gregory, Langton, 11 am. M of the Lords Supper. Wolverhampton, 7.30 pm

B ishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Aireslord 'Tichborne Dole, 7.30 pm, Celebrates ht St John's Cathedral, Porlamoolh, Jubilee Year of Redemption. Sullen: Palm Sunday, SI John's Cathedral, Portsmouth, 10.30 am. Celebrate M and blenes palms Maundy Thursday: St John's Cathedral, POrtsmoulh, Concelebrates M of Chrlsr11. 11 am. Not the Lord's Supper, 710 pre Bishop Fotey of Lancaster. Ridgy: Inaugura• lion of Holy Year and M of the Annunciation. Cathedral. /1.30 am. Saturday: Commissioning of Cathechists, SI Wilfrid's, Preston, 2.15 pm Sunday: Blesses Palms and M, Cathedral, I 1 am. Monday: Lenten Arldruss, Preston loansn Church. 1 pm. Tender. Visas School and Housebound, Holy Family, Blackpool, 2 pm. Thursday: Chrism 111, Cathedral, 11.30 am PP of the Lords Supper. 7.30 poi. Bishop Gray. Bishop ol Stvewsbury. Friday'. Celebrates M at St Werburgh's, Birkenhead, to lormally open Holy Year, 12 noon. Tuesday: Administration meeting, Curial Offices, Bithenhead. Wednesday: Meets with Church Leaders, Chester. Meets with the Clergy of SI HIlary's Deanery and is Principal Concelebrant at Station M, St Aldan% Wylhenshawe, 5 pro Maundy Thursdar Our Lady's, Birkenhead. Chrism N . M of Commemoration Of the Institution of the Eucharist.

&Shop Ouffatelll Bishop in East London: Fader Concelebrates M, Opening of Holy Year, Cathedral, 7.30 pm Tuesday: Service, Our Lady's High School, 9.15 an. Wednesday: Meeting, Italian Church, 12 noon Thursday: Chrism hi, Cathedral. 10.30 am. Talk, Alien Hall, 2 veto', Poplar. B pro Bishop Herds of Middlesbrough: Sunder Blesses Palms and Celebral es M, The Cathedral, Middlesbrough, 10.30 am, Thunder Concelebrates N with DloCerlan Priesta. Renewal of Priestly Com. milmenl and Blessing of Oils. The Cathedral, Middleabrough, 11 30 am. Celebrates M ol the Lord's Supper, Sacred Heart Church, Middlesbrough. 7 pm Bishop Harvey, Bishop In North London : Friday: H, Missionary Institute, Mill Hill, 4.30 pm West. reenter Cathedral, inauguration al Holy Year, 7.30 pm. SaturdaySundar Pastoral Visit. Church ol Transfiguration. Kensal Rise Tuesday: PP, St Mary Magdalen, Willesden Green, 8 pm Thundey: M. Westminster Cathedral, 10 urn. hi of the Lord's Supper, Westminster Cathedral, 6 pm Blehop Hendereon, Auxiliary at Southwark: Friday: M and C. St Mary's, Clapham, 7.30 pm Saturday: Annual Conference of Diocesan Justice and Peace Groups. 9.15 am, Emmaus Centre. Prayer, NI and Adoration of the Blessed Secternent for Jubilee. year, Brockley. 2 30 to 4.30 pm, Sunday: M and Conferring 01 Ministry of Acolyte Cl Si Joseph's, Greenwich, 10 30 ern. Monday: Diocesan Finance Meeting, 11 am. Wednesday: Nationwide tentative in Evangeharn meeting. Thursday: M for Chelan, SI George's Cathedral, Southwark, 11.15 am. N of the Lord's Supper with Commissioning of Special Ministers of the Eucharist al Parish Church of Eitharn Well Hall, 8 pm, Bishop Hitehln, Auxlitery 01 Liverpool: Filler Archbishop's Council meeting, Curial Of f ices, 10 ens Third World meeting, Friends' Meeting House, Paradise Street 7.30 pm. Saturday: Development Meeting, Friends, Meeting House, Paradise Street.

10 am. Seedily: Our Lady's, Formby, Tunday: AGM of Lourdes Asaocial Ion. Upholiand. Welneany: Bishop's Prayer Meeting, Archbishop's HOuse, 2.30 pm Thursday: M of Chrism, Metropolitan Cathedral, 11am.

Bishop Holland of Sallord: Friday: NI for Opening of Holy Year, St John's Cathedral, Salford, 7.30 pm Tuesday: NI for Off tie! Reopening of St Mary's, Mulberry Street, Mencheater Ohs 'Hidden Gem), 1 pm. Thursday: M for Chriam, 11 arn. M ndat um. Salford Cathedral, 7.30 pm.

Ilishop Jukes, Auxiliary at Southwark: Friday. Seedily: V. Sevenoaks Monday: Attends Bianede meeting or Southwark. 2.15 pm Thursday: Cathedral Chrism hi al Si George's, Southwark, St Ansoim's, Dart toi 0, 8 prn.

Melte° Konstank Bishop in Central London: Fri day: SI Edmund's College Governors, 2 pm. Opening Of Holy Year M. Westminster Cathedral. 7.30 pm. Sunday: NI, Kingeway. 10.45 arr. Monday: It, St Joseph's Sch001. Chelsea, 10 30 am. Tuesday: Talk, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 1.15 pm, Meundy Thursday: Chrism M. Westminster Cathedral. 10 30 am. IP of the Lord's Supper, Kenn! NOW Town.

Bishop MeCanks Auxiliary of BIrminghsm: Friday: Legion of Mary Acies. 51 Chad's Cathedral, 8 pm Saturday: Ecumenical Conference. Oxford. Sunder SI at SI Wulstan, Stourport, 9.30 am Thursday: M of Chrism, Sr Aloysius, Oxford, 11 am. 11 of the I ad's Supper, , St Gregory, OxIcni, 7 pm

B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham. Friday: Santee of Penance followed by hi to mark beginning of Holy Year, Si BarnabaS' Cathedral I pro. Sunday: Blesses Palms, Cathedral, 11.15 am. Monday: Station M, St Mary, Derby. 6 pm. Tuesday: Station M, Cathedral, 8 pm. Thunder Chnom H. Cathedral, 11.30 am. Lord's Supper, Cathedral, 7.30 p rn.

B ishop McMahon of Brentwood Friday' Calebrates M tor Opening of Holy Year, Cathedral, 130 pm Saturday: Parish Retreat, Stock Sunday: Visit sdron, SS Mary arid Ethelburga, Barking. Wednesday: Concelebrates hi and Commissions Pronarlstic Ministers, Cathedral, 8 an. Thorsen's: NI Of Chrism, Cathedra, 11.30 am ki of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral, 8 pm, B ishop Mahon, Bishop In West London: Friday: SA for opening of Holy Year, Cathedral. 1.30 pm. Saturday: Ecumenical ProcesSiOn of Witneso. Acton, 11 urn M with Blessing of Palms, Ruislip, 6 pm Monday: Deana' meeting, Tuesday: Governors' meeting, St May's College, 045 am. M for C candidates, Perivale, 8 pm. Maundy Thursday: Liturgy, Gurinersbury, 8 pm, B ishop Morserley of Sunday: Palm Sunday M at Cathedral. 11 ern. Maundy Thursday: Chrism M, 10.30 am. Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary el 1Jvarpoot Friday: Archbishop's Council meeting, Curial Offices. 10 am Jubilee hi, SI Edward's, Sandlield Park, Liverpool 12.

ern B ishop Muiphy.O'Connor at Arundel and Brighton: Friday: Celebrates SA, Young People's Vigil, Cardinal Newman School, Einghl on, bars, Galen ates N. Ladywall Convent. Godalming. 1130 am. Sunday: Arundel Parish V. Palm Sunday hi, Arundel Cathedral. 10.45 am. Tuesday: Education Team meeting. Christian Education Centre, Crawley Thursday: hi of Chrism, Arundel Cathedral, 11 ern H ol the Lord's Supper, Arundel Cathedral, 8 pm

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Frl day: Opening M of the Holy Year al Westminster Cathedral, 730 pm Saturday: J and P Diocesan Commission al Emmaus Centre, Southwark, Sunday: J and P Diocesan Commission at Emmaus Centre. Southwark, 7.30 pm Mender Dedication of 51 Bade's, Conley Green. Thursday: NI of Chrism at Westminster Cathedral, 10 30 urn. Maundy Thursday service al Sacred Heart Church. Bushey, 8 pm.

Bishop Kenn O'Brien, Bishop of MIddinbrough: Friday: C al Holy Cross Parlsh. Coltingharn Sunday: Attend Diocesan SVP Central Council, Hull Wednesday: Talk on St Luke's Gospel et Si Stephen's Pastoral Centre, Hull Thursday: IN of Chrism at Si Charles, Hull.

Bishop Pitmen, Bishop In Cumbria:. Friday: M tor opening ol Holy Yeas The Cathedral, Lancaster. Saturday, M at Haverlqg Prison, 6 pm. Sunday: Commissions Special Ministers of the Eucharist, St Joseph'a, Cockermouth, 00,30 an. Monday: Deanery Station M, SI Mary's, Barrow, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Chrism M, Our Lady and St Herbert's, Windermefe, 11 am. Paschal Triderm Liturgy it OUT Lady and SI Joseph's, Carlisle.

ll , Auxiliary of LWerpool: Fri.

day: Archbishop's Council Meeting for Curial °Mtn, 10 am. Waisingham PA, Metropolitan Cathedral, 7.30 pm Saturday:NI, Holy Angels. Kirkby 7 pm Sunday. Kirkby Walk of Witness, 2 pm. Monday,

Sr KeV111.8 Comprehensive School, Kirkby. 9,1 poi Thursday: hi of Chrram. Metropolitan Cathedral, II ern. Services at Upholland

B ishop Iltandleawr of Plymouth: Friday: Sot to Inaugurate Diocesan Holy Year Celebrations, Cathedral, Plymouth, 730 pin, Sunder ComMemora.

tam of the Lord's enirence into Jerusalem end St. Cathedral, Plymouth, 1030 am. St &nitwit's College

Speech Day. Theatre Royal Plymouth, 3 Pm Thursday: Chinon St. Cathedral, PlyrnOUth. 11 an, Evening M of the Lord's Supper. Cathedral, Plymouth, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Thomas of Northampton: Palm Sunday. Cathedral Service, 11.15 am Monday: Deans' meeting. Northampton. Tunny: Preaches at Primrose Hill Congregational Church, Northampton. 7.30 pm Thursday: Chrism Pit Cathedral, 11 am Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: V to Croydon South Saturday: Attends Talk arranged by the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Our Lady of Dolours Church, South Kensington, 3.30 pm Celebrates and Preaches at IA following Talk, 4.30 pm Sunday: M al Brixton Prison, Monday: Attends Balham Deanery Lenten Station at Tooting Dec. 8 pm. Thursdery: Concelebrates at Chrism M .it Sr George's Cathedral, 11,15 err. Celebrates NI at Sr Agatha's, Kingston, B pm B ishop Swindlehurst Auxiliary of Hesitant and Newcastle: Palm Sunder M, St AugustIne's,

Dade-Von, 11 am. Tuesday: C, St Anne's, WinIstnn. 7 pm. Thursday: Chrism M, St hiary's Cathedral Newcastle, 10.30 am. NI, Last SuPper, SI Joseph's, Hexham, 7.30 em

Bishop Warman, Bishop to the Forces: Sun day: Celebrales Passion Sunday M. Tidwoi Garrison, 11 am Wednesday: Celebrates Chrism M. Aldershul Garrison. 11 am Attends Senate ol Chaplains meeting, arlershot Garrison, 2 pm Thursday: Celebrates IA of the Lord's Supper. Devonport Dockyard, 6 pm.

(*shop Ward of Monadic Friday: M and Presentation of Berm Merenti, Denbigh, 7 pm

Sunday: hi and Distribution of Palms, SI Mary's Cathedral, Wrexham, 10 45 am. Maundy Thursday: M of Chrism, St Marra Cathedral, Wrexham, I I 6M M of Last Supper, St Mary's Cathedral, Wrest-rani, 7 pm.

BiallOp Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Solemn NI 01 Annunciation. Cathedral, for opening of Holy Year Salurdey: V and C, Thornton, Bradford. 11 urn Sunday: Blessing of Palms and Solemn N. Cathedral, I am. Pilots, Peru Commission, 3.30 pm Monday: Lenten Slalmn M, MI Si Mary's, Leeds, 1030 anti Tuesday: Lenten Station M. Yorkshire Martyrs School, Bradford, 10.30 am Thursday: M of Chrism, Cathedral. 10 drri M of Last Supper, Cathedral, 7.30 pm

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