Page 3, 25th March 1988

25th March 1988
Page 3
Page 3, 25th March 1988 — Homework for Norman

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Homework for Norman

LORD Norman (Centenary issue) has a little homework to do on disarmament issues. It is now three years since the United Nations agreed that "there is no either/or choice between unilateral and negotiated measures of disarmament. Both are needed in view of their complementary nature".

Unilateral steps are aimed at producing disarmament agreements and sometimes do. But for President Kennedy's unilateral atmospheric test ban we would not have had the Partial Test Ban Treaty. However, even in Lord Norman's terms, the suggestion implied that the Conservative Party stands for "multilateral" activity is laughable. Its record is deplorable. It could not even bring itself to support the International Year of Peace, boasts of its record arms sales, ignored the 18 month Soviet test ban, and today breaks the (multilateral) Non Proliferation Treaty by refusing to put British nuclear weapons into negotiations anywhere.

Worse it sets about, through Trident programme, at least trebling the numbers of its strategic warheads.

Barbara Eggleston Christian CND National Coordinator 22-24 Underwood St London N1

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