Page 9, 25th May 1935

25th May 1935
Page 9
Page 9, 25th May 1935 — THE GREAT ASSEMBLY An Italian's Cry

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From Our nnme Correspondent 'fele City, Staten Ee EN at 3 a.m. to day the Piazza di Sin Pelee) NN as dotted with figure --pilgrims determined to secure a good position—and. until the doors were opened 24.tortay after 5 o'clock a eteady stream poured into the piazza from every direction.

About 11,000 people gathered in tile

nave and eisles befure 7 cluck, and 40,000 were eetirnaled two hone; later. Thoegli the gathering might have been more representeiteve of Fengiand than it was there were at leakil 3,01N) pilgrims If' different parts of the basilica.

The procession ot clergy with their lighted candles begail mid was followed inlmedlately by a blaze of light as the entire powet• Ix the Magnificent illumlnatians Wee swathed on. A liege' fell upen the created buildele ae the peal of the eilver trumpets wee aveaited to afinolInce the arrival Of -the. Supreme Pentlfr.


First came lee Ordinary proceesion R4 described in the cathowl tterata lam week, and then the Pope, looking supremely happy but rether tired as lelifted his hand repeatedly r'm bIeesing. He appeared to be partioularly pleaeed with the vociferous ree.eptiou given to him by the pilgrinis front India in their

brightly-coloured elethee. A eeere of cardinals were in attendance.

Ono ineident which impressed me dialing the applause was the cry of an Italian immediately behind me, who, during the cries of "Viva il Papa." encldenly roared at the top of his voice, "E viva l'Ingbilterra Cattelice!" (and long live Catholic.. England). In the tribunes surrounding the high Altar and the theme were gathered distinguished visitors from all parts of the wore!. One tribune, higher than the rest and Tering the throne, eore '*tine(' the relatives of the new :saints and included a sprineling of priests and teens.

rHE ASSEMBLY 'rhe King of Spain, with his son the, ln ['ante Ben Juan • and his daughter the Infanta. Christina, was there, and near were members or the Pope's family, of noble families of Rome, and tlie Knights or eland, tlie British Anita'sbailor to laity and Lady Drummond, the British_ eEnister to the Holy See, the Japanese Ambassacler to Italy, and the President uf the Belgian chamber. Others !mended Sir Charles Paeton Cooper, Sir Stuart Corers, sir Pierre Lacey, Auld the diplomats mid tunsule of Cite& Britain and inany other countries.

The assembly of British bishops in the procebeion ineluded the Archbishop; of Westminster, Liverpool, Birmingham, Andrewe, Cardiff, and Glasgow. the Bishops of litetewood, Clifton. Nottingham, eliddleehrough, Shrewsbury, llexhane Northarriplon; Plymouth, Semite ark, Portsmouth, Larlettater. Auckland. and Latnlis, The English .tibbote present were thee° of Ampleforth, Belmont exicil Fart Augustirs ree.S.B e and of Mount St Berhard


It. was by a direct cOnceesiOn cif the Pope that abbots ether than these belonging to the papab chapel were pernetted to take /settee part in the as/Antony. so that the abbots of ma English Benedietine congregation were able to walk in the proression. So, too, the tin by his Holifiess during the elass of the gold plate sent by Queen Vieieria to Pope Lee XIII on hie ericerclotal illbliee 1888, and of the golden chalice recently presented lu u hint by nuns of the dloceee or Southwark, V, a another token Of his gnu-ion:ea–, towarde his Englieh children. The eerds of ihe banner which eeee holm, ie the, proceesiOn in honour of

isher ‘vere held by four English pre. laiesa-Mgr. Godfrey, rector of Me Englielt College, Mgr. Duchentin, reetor Of the Beda. College, Mgr. Corbishley, rector of lishaw, end Mgr. Hallett, rector of Wonersh Seminary. The banner of Moro was held by four English Ittymete—Mr, Dixie, Mr. Thomas More eyston, Colonel d'Apice, end Mr. Guy Winyarts.

PRIEST AND LAYMAN The peal of the silver trumpets nt the consecration and the intense eilence which followed as the Supreme Bishop stood with bandit outstretched, first with the lloet and then with the Chalice, brought tears of joy and thaekfulness to the eyes of many pilgrims ae they fervently prayed to the saints in the words of the new prayer:

"Saint John, most zealous n/ bishops, wh.0 gave so nobie. an example of priestly tile and love for inc 1101u Roman Church. oblO.M. from God for att priests Me grace to persevere in their holy editing until death, that they may renew as you did the tiring image of our Saviour Jesus Christ in a world which now so

needs him, . .

" Saint Thonias, who gave 5o great an example of holiness in. Christian marriage and who fulfilled the high mines of clianeclior with unfailing hilmility and conformity in the will ((f God, pray for us that by the divine retry despise the world's coldly awl follow ever faithfully in the 'ray nr Orn"nwlet and king, Christ, the eon of God. eneeft,

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