Page 1, 25th May 1962

25th May 1962
Page 1
Page 1, 25th May 1962 — Responsibility

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Organisations: Catholic Social Guild
People: Bob Walsh


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Keywords: 3r, Supine, E, Bbc

Urging Catholics to make their presence felt in the field of radio Ind television, Fr. Agnellus Jeclared: " Radio and television do not exist for the manufacturers, or for the dealers. or for the companies 3r for the BBC. They exist simply Ind solely for you, the viewers and Listeners. It is in your power to nfluence decisions."

" Television," he went on, " is a 'amity decision. and you cannot :scape the responsibility for what fou admit into your homes. You tet the television you deserve, and 'MI are going to get the television mu deserve, and nobody is to dame but you,he added.

" What Is the curse of this country, as of many others," Fr.

Agnellus went on, " is a supine people and a democracy that will not exercise its rights." Other speakers at the meeting were Fr. G. Dalston, Diocesan )irector of the Look and Listen iroup, and Mr. Bob Walsh, the ecretary-elect of the Salford Dioesan Catholic Social Guild.

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