Page 5, 25th May 1962

25th May 1962
Page 5
Page 5, 25th May 1962 — martyred three

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Locations: Cardiff


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martyred three


3N Sunday pilgrims from all parts of the Clifton diocese 'ill flock to Glastonbury under to leadership of Bishop Rudcrham to join the annual iocesan pilgrimage.

Ever since the Glastonbury Pilgrimage was revived, one of :he intentions has been "to tonour the English Martyrs'. In 1957 was added to that inentlon "especially the Glastonmry Martyrs, Blessed Richard Whiting, Roger James and John ".home", who do not appear among the names of the Forty expected to be canonised soon.

ken before Christianity, Glassmury was counted a sacred ,o. Here, pagan inhabitants tired their dead beneath the meow of the Tor, hopeful that reit spirits would enjoy a peace! immortality. St. Joseph of rimethea, St. Patrick from Irerid and St. David of Wales are ;endaty figures associated with is "Cradle of Christianity in igland". It is known that by 680 D. the chapel there was already own as The Church Of Our dy and St. Patrick"—thought to ve been dedicated thus by St. ivid.

We know that St. Wilfred of irthumbria brought his Benedice monks here, and that a great ne monastery was built by St. nstan and that monks went th from Glastonbury under St. niface to convert the German ion

Mock Trial

or centuries, until it was 'red by Thomas Cromwell in eember 1539, Saxons and ties, men and women, including Us and queens of England, tie pilgrimage to reverence Our es Blessed Richard Whiting, last abbot, would not submit he State. A mock trial was pd and he with his two faithcompanions were strapped to riles and dragged up the slope he Tor to be hanged, drawn I quartered.

in Sunday pilgrims of 1962 will ;.e the journey in reverse after owing those holy dead at the :e of execution. Theirs will be iyous procession, even though ;e 14 huge wooden crosses eh will be borne at intervals the pilgrims wend their way Ling the Rosary will be inders of sorrow.

his year. the sermon on the will be preached by Archop Murphy of Cardiff.

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