Page 6, 25th May 1962

25th May 1962
Page 6
Page 6, 25th May 1962 — Theatre

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People: Stalin
Locations: Germa, York, London


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ATENEMENT house in Mc cow, on a summer evenil "sometime after Stalin's death", the setting for Come Back Wi Diamonds (Lyric Theatre, Hat mersmith). A programme note to us that the play's author. Mat Lehmann. was born in Germa but lived for some time in Mr cow in just such an apartment she portrays in her play — sir "circumstances made it impossil for her to stay there".

Judging by the frightful vire on in the apartment it is n wonder Miss Lehmann fount impossible to stay on. Prir neighbours, sly Party membr secret police, and corrupt yar thugs make life Hell for tl occupants. This, the play says how the Communist system wrl out — an inexorable juggernt crushing true love beneath i

insensate wheels. T.Mc(.

* * IF Everything in the Gar

(Duke of York's Theatre) J a message, it is that today's 1 of values includes everything cept money, especially when it not taxable. If it was Mr. G Cooper's intention to have c vcyed this in his play, he ma the mistake of liking his chat tern too much instead of despi' them a little more for what t stand. An evening of call-girl covery in a London suburb is only a little monotonous, but little amusement after the

situation is discovered. 0.1

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