Page 10, 25th May 1973

25th May 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 25th May 1973 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS I Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Friday; Attends A.G.M.

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BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS I Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Friday; Attends A.G.M.

of St. David's Home, 5. Saturday: Preaches at Golden Jubilee Mess, Ruislip, 11.30; Says Mass for Catholic Deal Rally. Cathedral, 4: Confers priesthood OR Joseph McKenna, Brook Green, 6. Sunday: Preaches at celebrations for 13th centenary of Synod of Hertford, at Hertford. 3.

Riehop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday: Bishops' meeting. Archbishops House. 2; concelebrates and eaches at Patrons' Feast, Croxley Green, 6. Saturday: Old Edmundien gathering, St. Edmunds College. Sunday: tnaugieal Synod Service, Hertford. 3. Tuesday: Administration meeting. St. Edmund's College_ Wednesday: Administration meeting, Archbishop's House. Thursday: Mass. Weiham Green, 8.

B ishop GLISZ20111, Auxiliary of Westminster Saturday: Ordination. Cadogan Street, 3. Sunday: Visitation, Copenhagen Street: Mass, Y.C.W. Clapham, 4. Monday: Pilgrimage to Lourdes until June 1, B ishop Mahon, Auxiliary of WestminsterSaturdayiVonday: Pastoral visit, West Green. Wednesday. Council of Administration. II: Confirmation, East Finchley, 7.15. Thursday: Mass, Westminster Cathedral, 10.30.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Saturday: Attends Oratory, Birmingham, for Feast of St. Philip Nee celebrations, 11. Sunday: Attends octo-centenary celebrations, Borough of Newcastle, 3.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Saturday: Maas and Confirmatiuns, St. Bede School, Bishton Hall, near Rugeley, 3. Sunday: Mess and Confirmations, Chesterton, Staffs.. 11; attends octocentenary celebrations, Borough of Newcastle, 3: Consecrates High Altar, SS. George and Martin, Birches Head, 6.30 Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday; Mass and Confirmations, St. Joseph's, Nechella 4; attends . Ecumenical Service, St. Bede's Church. of England. Kings Heath, 6.30. Wednesday: Concelebrates Mass, Decoy', 11.30. Thursday: Confirmations, Cokethorpe School, Witney. Friday: Attends meeting, Boston Spa, Leeds, 11.30.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Saturday: Attends Children's Mass, Cathedral, 11. Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool

StAndayL Visitation. Si. John Fisher Parish, Widnes. Monday: Attends garden party. Ince Biundell Hall, 2.30, Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Presides and preaches at Mess, parish visitation. All Saints, Golborne, 11; celebrates Mass and confers Confirmation, 4; presides and preaches, All Saints, Golborne, 6.30, Monday: Attends meeting, Council of Administration, Curial Offices, 10.30. Wednesday: Attends ecumenical meeting, Seafield Convent, Crosby, 8.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Friday: Pontifical Mass, Centenary of Venerable Bede. St. Bede's, Clapham Park, 7,30.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Friday: Leads St. Teresa's School pilgrimage to Aylnsford. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Cranbrook, 11.30.

Bishop Wodock of Portsmouth Friday: Diocesan Education Council meeting, Bishop's House, 3. Sunday: Confirmation and visitation, St. William's. Reading. Monday: Altar Servers' Rally, Bascombe, 11.30. Wednesday: A.G.M,, Society of St. Mamas, LS.L1, College of Education. Southampton, 7.30. Thursday: Confirmation and visitation, Shrlvenham.

Bishop Grant of Northampton Friday: Attends K.S.C. dinner. Bedford, Saturday/Sunday' Visitation and Confirmation, Woburn Sands. Monday: Attends jubilee at Kettering Convent. TuesdayNVedneaday! Meeting of Diocesan Chapter end Finance Bnard B ishop Clerk, Auxiliary of Northampton Sunday: Visitation, Our Lady and St.

Charles Borromeo. Wisbech. Tuesday/Wednesday: Finance Board and Chapter meeting, Northampton. Friday: Meeting of National Advisory Body on Areas of Ecumenical Experiment, B.C.C. London.

Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of Nottingham Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Peter's, Grimsby. Munday: Opens fete, St. Hugh's' College, Tolierton, 2.

Bishop Holland of Salford Sunday: Visitation. 11, Confirmation, 3, St. George's, Nelson.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Sunday: Visitation, St Mary's, tittleborough, 11; Confirmation, 3.

B ishop Casey of Brentwood Saturday/Friday: In Lourdes with National Pilgrimage.

Bishop Cunningham of Hasharn and Newcastle Saturday: Interviews for Church students. St. Cuthberfe Grammar School, Newcastle. 2.30 Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Haxhem and Newcastle Saturday: Interviews for Church students, St. Cuthberts Grammar School, Newcastle, 2.30. Tuesday: Hospital Chaplains' Advisory Committee meeting, 11; meeting of Lourdes Hospitalize, Washington, 7. Wednesday: Attends Laity ComthIssion Standing Committee, London, 6, Friday: Meeting of North-Eastern Ecumenical Group, 2.30.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting. Trinity and All Saints' Colleges, 2. Sunday. Mass, St. Peter Clover's College, Midield Tuesday: Justice and Peace Commission. Mount St. Mary's, 7,30. Wednesday: Mass, H.M. Prison, LeedsThursday: Solemn Mass. Cathedral, 8. Friday: Meeting. St. John's. Boston Spa, 11,30.

B ishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Saturday: Leads Lancaster Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage.

B ishop eraser of Shrewsbury Friday: Attends meeting of Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Crewe, Saturday: Celebrates Mass. Golden Jubilee of Our Lady's Catechists, Hawkstone. 3, Monday: Confirmation and blessing of Mass Centre, Elton, Frodsham. Friday: Attends meeting. Stitch ley Ecumenical Project.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday' Attend(' meeting of Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Crewe. Saturday' Celebrates Mass, Golden Jubilee of Our Lady's Catechists, Melees. Friday: Attends meeting. Stirchloy Ecumenical Project.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton Saturday: Concelebrates Mass. Priory of Our Lady of Good Counsel, to commemorate centenary of the birth of Don Orion& founder of Sons of Divine Providence. Sunday: Confirmation and Visitation, Send. Tuesday: Confirmation and visitation. Lewes. Thursday! Celebrates Mess for Catholic Women's League. Cathedral. and subsequently attends A.G.M. Friday: Attends rneeting, Archbishop's House, Birmingham.

Bishop Holland of Salford Tuesday Convent Visitation 1 'I': Wednesday visit school and sick St. Georges's, Nelson 10.30: Thursday St. Peter's Brotherhood and Ecclesiastical Education Council, Cathedral House 2.

Bishop Burke Auxiliary of Salford Thursday Ecclesiastical Education Council 2.15.

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