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25th May 2007
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Organisations: Pro-Life, US Federal Reserve
People: James Dowson, Rock


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Dear Friend, I write today to tell you of my exciting and daring plan to save the lives of many, many unborn children, as well as changing the attitudes of tens of thousands of young people at a stroke. Please let me explain...

This summer, a huge youth Rock Festival will take place at Glastonbury, Somerset. No doubt you have heard of this infamous festival. Glastonbury was once a sacred place of pilgrimage, but now it has the dubious honour of hosting one of the world's largest and wildest Youth Music Festivals. Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll are venerated, and inevitably, abortion, disease, heartbreak and misery follow.

This year, thousands of unborn babies will be brutally slaughtered and countless young women will be left scarred for life. That is why I decided to go there and tackle it head-on. Over the last few years at least 181 babies were saved from abortion at this festival of lust!

Casual sex, free condoms & abortion referrals All this is par for the course at Glastonbury. Just think, the 250,000 young people who gather there will be bombarded with very subtle, "New Age", anti-Christian and anti-life propaganda. That's why it's absolutely vital for me to set up a Pro-Life Information Camp during the festival. I can then launch a full-scale, crusade against the culture of human and spiritual death.

Just imagine meeting nearly a quarter of a million young folk, in one secure location, for 4 days This is an opportunity I cannot allow to slip by.

The anti-hfe iabby nave nab it their own way for fa

too long

Every year the abortion agencies are always well represented at these youth events. They prey on vulnerable young girls who have made a mistake; they have only one solution on offer — kill the unborn child and consign women to a life of regret, contraception and sterility.

I have also been blessed with a host of enthusiastic volunteers who will give their all to help these misguided young people at Glastonbury. They don't mind swapping warm beds for a cold tent because they know how important our task is. We are all looking forward to sharing the message of life with these youngsters.

God willing, I aim to distribute 200,000 Life Books, postcards, leaflets and CD-ROM's to these needy souls, but I urgently need your financial support to carry out this bold and lifesaving initiative.

Let s look at the ;acts

250,000 young people will attend or be around Glastonbury from June 20th — 24th this year. Half of them will be young women. Tragically, the abortion rate among young women is currently 39%, which means that 48.000 festival girls will have at least one abortion in their lifetime.

Then consider that most abortions take place amongst the 16 — 30 age group, the exact profile of festival goers. From these established facts it is clear that the yearly abortion rate among the 125,000 female festival goers is at least 3,000 per annum.

Please for a moment. iust think about the enormity and imoodance of our task. Just imaaine the imoact that you could make and the countless lives that will be saved through your financial helo—Just DCMCier for .a moment the babies saved and the lives

gnd faith to support this ipitiatlye,

Building a Pro-Life movement for modern world We pro-lifers are very good at preaching to the converted, but when it comes to young people or the non-religious, we fail to connect with them in a relevant way. This has been a pro-life weakness in the past. That's why I am so excited about the 'Glastonbury Project'.

This direct, pro-active approach was successful

beyond our greatest expectations last time, and this year, the 'festival' is even bigger so we have far more people to reach and more babies to snatch from the jaws of death. You know, it is truly shameful that these 'sexperts' and abortionists have had a 'free run' at our children without any real opposition.

Well. I say no more! With your financial assistance, I guarantee that I will embark on a campaign to reestablish the sanctity of life.

I will challenge and oppose their plans at every opportunity. When you give to this innovative, cutting edge project, you will be my partner as we raise our voices to speak out for unborn babies.

Your gift will be used to expose the evil lies and misinformation currently fed to our youth. Your generous gift will help me to reach out with the truth and save countless young lives from the 'culture of death', and precious unborn infants from a certain. bloody death.

You wi!! experience the by Just imagine how that feels! Protecting the innocence of young children and the beautiful and precious babies with their smiling happy mums, and all because you cared enough to give. You may not know their names, but they'll carry thanks in their hearts for your kindness and generosity for the rest of their lives.

Am I claiming too much? Absolutely not. Ask yourself, who else will be there for the 3.000 festival girls who will abort their babies this year? Who else will reach out in love to share the wonderful gospel of life with them? Who else will help me do it?

Now that you know the facts and what is at stake. I'm sure you won't let the plight of our young people and the unborn go unheeded.

I'm counting on your support. When you give your money to this extremely important appeal, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are really saving lives. Your help is depriving abortionists of their innocent prey. You, are engaged in saving babies' lives. The satisfaction you'll receive is indescribable.

I wish you could have been with me when I attended a pro-life meeting in Glastonbury the people there were so excited at the prospect of this lifesaving mission. To remind us of exactly what's at stake, we watched antiabortion films The Hard Truth/Silent Scream'. What horror! I can't get those awful blood-soaked images of tiny mangled bodies out of my mind.

I wake up at night seeing poor defenceless babies ripped apart. It's then that I renew my vow to fight this evil. I know that you feel the same. Together we can make a difference.

This summer you and I have the opportunity of a lifetime to dent abortion figures, save many lives and, help thousands of youngsters to respect the sanctity, beauty and uniqueness of life. Isn't that what life is all about?

To make the Glastonbury initiative work..1 need..

• £12,500 to produce a specially constructed website ( and 50,000 CD-Rom's showing the films ' Hard Truth' and 'Silent Scream'. We

will provide good counselling contacts, facts, figures and telephone numbers for anyone who needs help or guidance.

• £8,500 to produce 200,000 full colour plastic information cards. This is a cutting edge development. You see, a leaflet is useless at a festival; it gets crumpled, wet and unreadable. That's why we have decided to produce a strong plastic card info pack. This INNOVATIVE product has been specifically designed to connect with young people.

In ta desperately need £21,000

I know that this is a lot of money but we must fight for the rights of the unborn and our teenage daughters. I earnestly pray that you will help me reach my goal. I have no one else to turn to.

I know you receive many requests for help from other charities and pro-life groups. However, you and I both know that this work is the 'most important work on earth' and I know that you will appreciate the necessity and urgency of this request. That's why I ask for your urgent financial support.

Would it be possible for you to consider a gift of £1000? If not, would a gift of £500 be within your reach?

I am earnestly praying that you dig deep and make the biggest sacrifice you can. I am counting on a few large gifts but I am also depending on a multitude of gifts of £25, £35, £50, £100 and £200. Please send whatever you can straight away.

The local clergy have been marvellous over the years, they have often stood alone in trying to reach the youth at this festival, it would be fantastic to show them that the whole Pro-Life community and Christians from all over the UK and Ireland are standing with them this year.

If my letter has a tone of urgency, that's because when I look into the eyes of young women who have had abortions, I see such pain that I know you and I must do everything we can to prevent even one more baby dying.

I need an urgent response to this appeal! Lives are literally at stake! Every day lost in launching our campaign will cost lives so please respond today. I know I can count on you.

Yours sincerely in Life..


James Dowson National Coordinator P.S. I need to raise this money within 21 days to make the necessary arrangements and preparations for this project. I can't think of a better gift to give our children and grandchildren than the legacy of life and a world where every life is cherished.

The pro-abortion anti-family people hope that you will set this letter aside and forget about it — that's why I am praying that you'll send your most generous gift right away.

Don't put it off please.act tc..

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