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25th November 1938
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Page 1, 25th November 1938 — A POSTOLIC

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Mgr. Godfrey's Historic Appointment

The Holy Father has appointed Mgr. Godfrey, D.D., Ph.D., Rector of the English College, Rome, as Apostolic Delegate to England and Titular Archbishop of Chios. The direct representation of the Vatican in London to balance the British diplomatic representation in the Vatican City has been envisaged for some time. The appointment of an Apostolic Delegate, possibly with certain diplomatic privileges, will overcome many of the difficulties presented by bilateral diplomatic representation.

It is now likely that an English Cardinal in Curia will be appointed.

The possibility of increasing influence of theHoly Sec on Italy is considered the reason for the anxiety of the British Foreign Office to see an English Cardinal in Curia as well as an Apostolic Delegate with diplomatic privileges in London.

The British Government are watching with the closest attention the growing entente between the Quirinal and the Vatican, due to the unpopularity of the Rome-Berlin axis to both the House of Savoy and the Holy See.

There is no doubt that the appearance of the Germans on the Brenner has considerably weakened Mussolini's position, and the German alliance is increasingly disliked by the people, especially in the north.

It is in conjunction with this situation that the homily of Cardinal Schuster, Archbishop of Milan, on racialism must be viewed: coming as it does at the satne time as the strong statements of Cardinals Verdier and Van Roe) on the sante subject it is of the greatest importance.

It is a severe warning to the Italian Government, because Cardinal Schuster is very influential in the north of Italy and has hitherto been considered rather friendly to the Fascist regime. It is significant that his appeal to Augustus' ideas on race are more truly Italian than the Germaninfluenced policy of the Palazzo Venezia. The Vatican and the Church in Italy must feel in a very strong position to make such open criticisms on the policy of the regime.

Cardinal Schuster's Pronouncement.—Page 9.


Mgr. Godfrey, D.D., Ph.D., is a native of Liverpool. Born in the Kirkdale district of the city in 1889 he received his early education at St. John's elementary school and left there when about twelve years of age to go to St. Cuthbert's College, Ushaw. Later ha went to the English College, Rome, where he was ordained in 1916.

In 1917 he took the degree of Doctor of Divinity at the Gregorian University, Rome. He came back to Liverpool shortly afterwards and served as an assistant priest at the Church of St. Michael for some fifteen months. Returning to Ushaw in 1919 he joined the professorial staff and taught there until 1930. In that year he was appointed Rector of the English College in Rome in succession to Cardinal Hinsley.

Besides being a member of the Supreme Council Propaganda Fidel, Mgr. Godfrey is Domestic Prelate to His Holiness. In 1935 he accompanied the late Cardinal Lepicier to Malta as a member of the Papal Legation.

At Coronation of George VI

Mgr. Godfrey attended the Coronation of King George VI in 1937 as Papal Representative and during the early part of this year he visited various seminaries in Great Britain and Malta in the capacity of Vicar Apostolic.

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