Page 11, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 11
Page 11, 25th November 1938 — CO. TYRONE RELIGIOUS STATISTICS

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Organisations: Church of Ireland
Locations: Dublin, Derry


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Catholic, and that it was shown in a parochial cinema which showed a glorification of seduction a few months ago, it will be seen that we are not all mad Puritans who hold that a lead like Derry's is needed.

When people see adultery and seduc tion glorified in parochial halls, how can they trust their own critical judgment? On this matter, let me quote a letter which I received from one of the best known District Justices (magistrates) in Ireland: " I agree with you," he writes. " that the censorship in Dublin has done more harm than good, because it has bewildered people by what it has passed as permissible. Worst of all is the influence of parochial cinemas; for the people do not know what standards to follow when they see in these cinemas things that their own conscience revolts against."

A census of population in Co. Tyrone reveals that the Catholic population dwindled from 134,716 in 1861 to 70,595 in 1937. Other denominations who have suffered similar decreases are Presbyterians, 46,568 (1861) to 23,654 (1937); Church of Ireland, 52,240 (1861) to 28,608 (1937); Methodists, 3,757 (1861) to 2,536 (1937). Other denominations, not specified in the census, show an increase from 1,219 in 1861 to 2,193 in 1937. The population of the county has been steadily declining since 1841, and stands now at 127,586.

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