Page 12, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 12
Page 12, 25th November 1938 — Notes For Ransomers

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Notes For Ransomers

Fifty-one years ago, on the Vigil of St. Andrew, November 29, 1887, the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom was founded.

How admirably in St. Andrew, the Apostle and Martyr, is exemplified the spirit of the Ransomer. Andrew was one of the followers of St. John the Baptist, and the evangelist tells us how

0 John (the Baptist) stood and two of his disciples. And beholding Jesus walk ing, he saith: Behold the Lamb of God. And the two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus. And Jesus. turning and seeing them following Him, said to them: What seek you'? Who said to Him : Rabbi . . where dwellest Thou'? He saith to them: Come and see. They came and saw where He abode, and they stayed with Him that day. . And Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, was one of the two who had . . . followed Him. He (Andrew) findeth first his brother Simon, and saith to him: We have found the Messias, which is being interpreted, the Christ, And he brought him to Jesus."

What a perfect example of the true mis sionary spirit; the spirit that cannot be satisfied until it has communicated to others the glorious discovery it has made of Him Who is " the Way, the Truth and the Life."

That is our vocation as Christians, as Catholics, as Ransomers. First, the sanctification of our own souls, and then the seeking out and bringing into the Church those who have not the knowledge of the Truth.

St. Andrew brought to Christ Simon, his brother: Simon whom our Divine Lord named Peter, the Rock on which His Church was to be built. Afterwards St. Andrew preached the Gospel in many countries and finally followed his Lord to death by martyrdom on that X-shaped cross which we still call, in memory of him, the St. Andrew's cross. We must have an interest in Foreign Missions and give of our alms for the conversion of the heathen: hut the first call on our efforts. our prayers and our alms is the Home Mission work of the Church for the conversion of our fellow-countrymen--our brothers: for the bringing back of England to that Fan of (Continued at loot of next column.)

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