Page 12, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 12
Page 12, 25th November 1938 — WHAT VARSITY MEN ARE CALLED UPON TO DO University Federation's Meeting at Newcastle

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WHAT VARSITY MEN ARE CALLED UPON TO DO University Federation's Meeting at Newcastle

From Our University Correspondent.

Business meetings were concerned with the revision of the Constitution of the Federation. The new Constitution was passed, and this now permits the

formation of " graduate circles " in non University towns. The Federation thus begins its effort to organise Catholic graduates. The Conferences were well attended, and delegates were enthusiastic over the decision to " organise the Catholic Graduate." The principal addresses envisaged the wider opportunities opened up by this endeavour.

Mr. Richard O'Sullivan, K.C., President of the Federation, took for the subject of his inaugural address " Christendom and Post-Christendom," and described the heavy duty laid upon those of the Catholic laity with a university training.

Sciences Secularised

" Today." he said, "Christianity is the religion of a minority, and the true hierarchy of studies is denied. The sciences have been secularised. Thus, the whole Christian order is denied or imperilled by our Universities."

On the Catholic side, continued the speaker, the decline is manifest in the separation of our seminaries from the Universities. Thus, the work done in the seminaries has not reached university circles; and thoueh contacts are now being

our fathers which was the foundation of our national life in the past, and is our only hope for the future.

JOHN H. Rums. made, results are not yet big enough to be readily visible.

Nowhere in England, therefore, can Catholic layman receive a Catholic education,

Where so many are looking for light and leadership, the burden on intellectual Catholic leaders is tremendous. These have to defend the power of human reason, integrity of mind and body, the integrity of marriage, Christian civilisation itself.

Obligations of Graduates

Over a hundred delegates in academic dress attended Mass in St. Mary's Cathe dral, and heard the sermon given by Fr. R. Carboy, M.A., of Ushaw College, on tl.e obligations placed upon University Catholics by the Holy Father's call to Catholic Action.

After reviewing recent years, so full of trouble for the Church, Fr. Corboy said: " We want batteries of Catholic learning and an army of saints. One of the greatest dangers to the Church is ignorance. We want the full development of our intellectual abilities. We want Catholics to be in every branch of learning so that men may turn to the Church."

Public Lectures Wanted

The student's discussion placed emphasis on " retreats," on study circles of Catholic philosophy, on public lectures by prominent Catholic thinkers. Fr. Wadsworth, chaplain to the Durham University Catholic Society, pointed out that in this last matter the students must look to the graduates for financial assistance.

The meeting passed a resolution calling upon the Federation to develop its work in the direction Of assisting the University Societies to organise public lectures on tho Catholic attitude to questions of the day.

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