Page 14, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 14
Page 14, 25th November 1938 — GREAT COAL RALLY NO NEED TO CHASE Says Dr. Rewcastle

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By a C.H. Reporter Over six hundred Children of Mary, of all ages—children, young women, matrons and grandmothers .met at Lambeth Baths on Monday, Novenibei 21, for the second annual rally of the Federation of the Children of Mary of the Diocese of Southwark.

The hleak, hygienic gloss of the tiled walls was not this week, as for the men's rally last week, relieved by smoke, but the fog outside had penetrated sufficiently In make possible the joke that the good ladies' favours could hardly be seen from the platform.

Mgr. Peter Amigo, who presided, introduced Dr. Rewcastle, President of the

Catholic Women's League. She spoke on " Our Part in Catholic Action."

" When I was a young girl," said Dr. Rewcastle, " there was a small prayer book which gave the duties of a daughter, a wife, and a mother with great simplicity—it was old fashioned, the duties were set out in order, numbered and tabulated.

'' But for the want of the principles underlying those ' duties modern womanhood was shipwrecked.

" The generation immediately after the forced emancipation of the Great War lived on capital, the second has none.

" Training for the job, the career, is not enough, there must be training in womanhood, in respect, consideration, duty, control, in all the virtues emancipation neglected. But Catholic women had no need of emancipation—good Catholic women were always emancipated.

"They suffered only the restrictions their own idea of womanhood imposed on them," said Dr. Rewcastle.

" So remember you can do more for Catholic Action by carrying the example of your Christian virtues into the office, shop, or factory, than in any other way. " Millions of young women are going astray for the want of this example. ' You have got to pursue the men these days,' is not true. All men are worshippers of a real woman—controlled, womanly, disciplined.

" But remember you can't have your cake and eat it. If you meet men as equals in jobs, profes sions. work, don't expect the privileges of the woman."

As Catholic women their duty was not only to be good, hut to be smart, neat, pleasing in appearance, dress and manner.

Archbishop-Bishop Amigo, replying to a vote of thanks. said that he preferred the term Lay Apostolate to Catholic Action. He thanked Dr. Rewcastle for her talk.

" Many say 1 am a woman hater," added the Bishop, " I am not. There is something about a good Catholic woman that you can't help admiring."

Other speakers included the Rev, C. J.

Nevatt and the Itev, liernar41 Hogan. Os the platform were Canon Daniel Mee::: th::, of Camberwell, the Rev. D. Coffey. and the Rev. Joseph The proceeding closed with a hymn and the Bishop's Blessing.

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