Page 15, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 15
Page 15, 25th November 1938 — CARDINAL PAYS TRIBUTE TO K.S.C. IN WITTY SPEECH At Westminster Province Dinner

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Cardinal Hinsley was the guest of honour at the annual dinner and dance of the Knights of St. Columba, Westminster Province, which was held at Princes Galleries on Thursday. November 17.

In replying to the toast of the Hierarchy and the clergy, his Eminence said that he confessed to feeling a little gloomy, and while he knew that he was to come to Princes Galleries, he found them not on the wall, but living on the floor.

" Not only princes hut princesses, and the sight of these beautiful and manly faces has cheered me."

But these same princesses, continued his Eminence, had a complaint. They had been left out of the Silent March. He had received many interesting letters to which he had replied, that they could pray in their churches or their homes. And now he would add a remark he could not well make then, " . . though you are princesses . . . the march was silent."

Faithful Fighters

Referring to the toast just drunk, his Eminence said that the Hierarchy might be described as the Holy Rulers, holy rulers, repeated his Eminence, not holy rollers. They, as a body, were devoted to their people; and for the clergy, his own clergy, " there is not a better clergy in the whole world."

Turning to the proposal of the toast of the Order, the Cardinal said that the Holy Rulers were blessed in the Knights of St. Columba with gallant and faithful fighters. And he saw them as knights who should maintain the cause of true civilisation and chivalry in this country.

He thanked the Order again for the "triumphant example" of their powers of organisation which had been proved by the Silent March, and appealed to them to help in the matter of the Catholic Pres.s.

The Catholic Press

After referring in terms of warm praise to the Catholic papers, his Eminence went on to say that books, pamphlets, deserved greater attention and wider circulation and he hoped for great things from the Catholic Book Fair, to be opened on Thursday, November 24.

Replying to the toast of the Order, Mr. J. S. Gibbons, Deputy Supreme Knight, fulfilling his true function and deputising for the Supreme Knight unfortunately indisposed and unable to attend, said that the words of the Cardinal on the Press would not be lost, he had noticed the Provincial Deputy making a mental note.

He was sure the Knights would in their several parishes do all they could to help and support the W.E.E.F. He too referred to the need of support and help for the Catholic Press, and reminded his audience that the work of the Westminster Press Bureau had done much already to secure notice of Catholic events in the national papers.

Other speakers included the Mayor of West Ham, Alderman C. A. Bennett, LP., who, in a witty speech. revealed his pleasure at the honour conferred on him by a unanimous election to the post of first citizen of West Ham, and pleaded for more conscious gratitude and pride in office on the part of Catholics.

Other speakers were R. J.. Cleaver, Esq., Provincial Deputy, and H. T. Guiteridge, Provincial Chancellor, anti among others present were Mgr. V. Eiwes, Canon B. O'Boherty and many other priests of tile dioceses of Westminster, Southwark and Brentwood; the Mayoress of West Ham (Mrs. C. A. Bennett), Mrs. R. J. Cleaver, Mrs. J. S. Gibbons, Mrs. H. T. Gutteridge, Major P. Taggart, 0.B.E., and Mr. Taggart; L. P. Arnold, Esq., P. J. Mildner, Esq., Mr. and Mrs. 'P. J. T. McMenenry, Mrs. Rafferty, Chief Grand Dame of the Order of St. Joan; Mr. and Mrs. W, S. Earrelley, Mr. and Mrs. P. Rigby, Mr. and Mrs. Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Marshall, P. H. Windsor, Esq.

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