Page 15, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 15
Page 15, 25th November 1938 — of St. John Bosco was opened a short time ago.

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Locations: Victoria


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of St. John Bosco was opened a short time ago.

All of them cry " Hail and Farewell " to him, with prayers and good wishes for his happiness and success in Victoria.

Nobody quite believed in that ecclesiastic whose announced intention was to deck himself with cowries rare, and fasten feathers in his hair, and dance the kutchiboo. There is no room for doubt, however, in the case of Fr, M. Gusinde, a priest of the Society of the Divine Word, whose interest in the Fuegian Indians has made him one of themselves. There was no nonsense about it, no mere admittance to honorary membership. The missionary twice experienced upon his own body the sufferings entailed by the ceremony of initiation.

Darwin gave Tierra del Fuego a bad reputation; but Darwin, in those days. was young and open to the influences of first impressions. Fr. Gusinde has made a thorough study of the archipelago and its people. He is one of the many priests whose work for God has gone with valuable service to ethnology. He has lived with the Indians for several years; he has probed their life, and its mysteries, to the depths; by tribal initiation he is one of their number; and his judgment is that the Fuegians are a people " loving and reliable, confidential friends, and ever ready to help," with principles of morality and ethics on a high plane.

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