Page 3, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 25th November 1938 — IMPLTUS FOR WORLD PEACE

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Pope's Message

From Our Own Correspondent


En masse organisation of the Catholic Youth of Canada concluded one of the most colossal religious demonstrations ever witnessed in the Federal Capital, Ottawa, when the first "Canadian Catholic Youth Union" was brought into being.

More than 185,000 members, represented by 635 delegates from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Arctic to the United States, consecrated their talents and their youth to the service of "Christ, the King," and the welfare of their country.

To Make Themselves Felt

The purpose underlying the organisation of the Union of Catholic Youth is to set up a definite means for the 40 per cent. Catholic minority to make themselves felt in all material concerns of the political and social life of the Dominion.

"The responsibility for world peace rests with such timely movements within the

Catholic Church," the Canadian Conserva

tive leader in the House of Commons, the Hon. R. J. Manion, said. " The movement is both timely and excellent. It is not directed against any race, religion or nation, but at the forces of evil and false doctrines which bring about the downfall of the social order.

" Upon the youth of the world in similar Catholic unity rests the responsibility for world peace."

Split on Conscription Issue

A sharp division, the only break in the harmonious relations of the Canadian Youth Congress, came with a resolution declaring Anti-Conscription measures in case of the participation of Canada in extra-territorial wars.

A split vote was not desired, so the resolution was referred for study to the National Executive of 30 representatives from all provinces, thus allowing the ideal of unity to hold sway at the concluding session when greetings were sent out from " Chateau Laurier " in Ottawa to the Catholic Youth of Russia, Germany, Spain, and Mexico.

Unanimously, and without discussion, resolutions were passed urging young Catholic workers of all categories to join labour organisations that are based on sound doctrines of labour, and dedicated to the true welfare of their members.

Preference for young men over young women was voiced in a resolution governing unemployment; and measures to promote the settlement of male youth on farms and the land, were urged.

Women To Be Allowed In

The resolution of "Equality for Women" instructed the national executive to adopt measures to make possible participation of young Catholic women in the next Congress of Canadian Catholic Youth.

At present a Bill for easier divorce laws, such as one in recent years passed by the British Parliament, is ready for the Senate in Canada.

While not attacking legal separation in extreme cases, the Catholic Youth Congress favours a law prohibiting, under condign penalties, the remarriage of divorced persons.

Declarations of loyalty to King and Church in half a dozen languages, representative of racial groups, marked the end of the first Canadian Congress.

" I believe that we Catholics have not taken, in national affairs, the place we should have taken, and which you will now take," said Cardinal Villeneuve in his final address.

Pope Pius XI, in a message congratulating Canadian Catholic Youth, expressed particular pleasure to learn of the purpose intended by the new union.

" It mint be your intention, as well of all the most excellent pastors of this noble country, to establish with the utmost care and strenuous activity this federation of Catholic Youth, which, including the whole nation and soaring over diversities of languages and origin, may provide efficaciously for the good of all the youth ascribed to Catholic Action."

Constitution Adopted

The constitution of the National Catholic Youth Union of Canada has been set up in accordance with ideals expressed in its three-day congress. Autonomy of all groups throughout the Dominion will be respected. A national committee comprising 30 members, 13 French and 12 English, will meet every three months.

Each year the Union will hold a Congress in one of the principal cities of Canada. The Permanent National Secretariate of Catholic Youth is to be set up at Ottawa immediately.

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