Page 3, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 25th November 1938 — ORDERS FROM

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People: Stalin
Locations: Munich, Paris, MOSCOW


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MOSCOW Communists Must Crush Reaction in Democracies

From Our Russian Correspondent

Dimitrov, Secretary-General of the Comintern, whose influence is increasing. has sent a ukase to the Communist parties of every country, reports Renaissance.

He demands an International Workers' Conference for the defence of Red Spain and China, and for the combating of the effects of Munich's " Fascist plot."

Another objective is the advent to power of governments that will fight the Fascist foe at home and abroad, and the banditry of British and French Imperialist cliques,

" thereby energetically crushing all growing reaction in democratic countries."

To attain these ends the Comintern is to (I) increase revolutionary activities in democratic countries; (2) organise mass strikes; and (3) resort to direct action.

" Carl's " Communist Army

At the meeting in Paris of members of the Comintern, the German Communist, Pieck, made a report ending thus: " According to the directions of our great leader (Stalin) the French Communist Party must henceforth be a party of classwar."

It was also decided to form a revolutionary army on French soil from members of the International Brigades which fought in Spain. and to entrust the organisation to various personages now in Spain. cunong them a mysterious individual known only under the pseudonym of "Carl."

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