Page 8, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 8
Page 8, 25th November 1938 — Indignation All Round

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People: Attlee, Roosevelt
Locations: Warsaw, Madrid, Verona, Rome, Pavia, Hamburg


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Indignation All Round

ATELEGRAM has been sent to President Roosevelt from the Association of the P.I.W. (Polish Intellectual Women) of Warsaw. Here are the contents:

" The Polish Intellectual Women in association with the Cracow Peace and Humanity Movement and the Tit-forTat Group beg to point out to you the danger to liberty contained in your continued animosity against Supreme Court guarantee of American Constitution stop In addition recommend you should cease persecution and race discrimination violating consciences all decent men and women stop Suggest calling international neutral committee immediately to arbitrate between negro and white stop Offer to send mission to inquire concerning alleged repression labour in United States and gasolene fumes great cities stop." (Signed P.I.W. Warszawa.)

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Shortly after the arrival of this telegram, a further telegram was received at the White House from Warsaw, signed by the Polish Defenders of the Future. It read as follows: " Contrary to the telegram of the Polish Intellectual Women and the Cracow Peace and Humanity Movement the Polish Defenders of the Future and the Lwow Smug Society numbering over eight hundred professional men and navigators wish to express their solidarity with you in your struggle with the Supreme Court a bulwark of reaction stop The PDF are confident that you will not yield before aggressive negro claims financed from abroad and are convinced you will carry still further your glorious defence of democracy stop" (Signed PDF Warszawa).

To this telegram the following reply was sent out:

" The US government expresses gratitude for brotherly message of sympathy from the Polish Defenders of the Future stop The US government and the Polish Defenders of the Future stand together in their firm collaboration for ensuring the prosperity not only of Poland and the United States but of the world in general."

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A telegram was received by the British Colonial Office concerning the difficulties in Palestine. It is signed by a number of distinguished German writers, members of the Hamburg Association of Scientific Workers and Bookworms:

" Association of Scientific Workers and Bookworms of Hamburg brings to your notice distress caused to world opinion by recent bombardment defenceless natives and open towns Palestine stop Association learns with deep distress of proposed military aggression and presumed bombing women and children stop In common with world conscience protests at continued invasion of Jews into territory occupied by Arabs and insists this invasion should end immediately and compensation given to defenceless natives for destruction of homes stop Colonisation at point of bayonet immoral and against Christian

ity stop Association further suggests plebiscite should be taken in British India concerning desire of natives to remain with British crown stop Offers to send force of humanitarians to keep peace during plebiscite period stop German opinion would be deeply relieved if this plan put into action without further procrastination stop." (Signed Association Scientific Workers and Bookworms Hamburg).

0 0 To this telegram no reply has so far been sent. In prominent Hamburg circles adverse comment has been made on the non-publication of the telegram in the British press.

Serious unrest has been caused in Rome by the publication of a photograph of Major Attlee, leader of the British Opposition in Parliament, making the Bolshevik salute of the clenched fist in Madrid. The consciences of many Italian Catholics have been severely perturbed. The British Embassy in Rome has been picketed by two Italian women's leagues, protesting against the policy of the Labour Party. A delegation has announced its intention of appealing to ecclesiastical authority for a decisive pronouncement concerning the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the action of those English Catholics who have hitherto supported the Labour Party.

(Later.) It is announced that the Christian Women of Rome have sent a protest to the British Government to the effect that no Catholic can consider him or herself in conscience bound to support the British Government until the Coronation Oath has been revised and submitted to ecclesiastical authority.

(Later.) The University curriculum pursued in British universities came under serious censure this afternoon and students of the universities of Pavia and Verona have sent telegrams to students' clubs of English universities sympathising with them in their present predicament, hut expressing hope that the tyrannical exam. ination system will shortly be removed.

(Later.) Further rioting outside the British Embassy in Rome is reported tonight. It is officially announced that the guard posted round the Embassy by the Italian government will be exclusively composed of Palestine Arabs. The Italian government, it is understood, wishes thus tactfully to express its disapproval of British policy in Palestine.

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