Page 9, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 9
Page 9, 25th November 1938 — CATHOLIC WOMEN'S ORGANISA IRONS

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Locations: London, Windsor


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BISHOPS' DECISION Memorandum Issued After Six Months

It has just been disclosed that a decision Of the Hierarchy at the last Low Week meeting, six months back, regarding the organisations of Catholic women in England and Wales, is likely to have farreaching effects throughout the country.

A memorandum just issued to the women's organisations concerned recommends that there shall be "a Union of Catholic Women under the direction of the Hierarchy, for the promotion and co-ordination of Catholic Action among the Catholic women of England and Wales.

"It will consist of three sections," the Bishops lay down, " mutually independent of each other as to their internal working. To avoid reduplication and overlapping of work and to secure co-operation, it is recommended that the three constituent bodies should be represented on each other's committees (national, diocesan and local). But no one section will be subordinate to another section; the three together will form the Union of Catholic Women to the National Committee of which an Ecclesiastical Assistant will be appointed by the Hierarchy. An Ecclesiastical Assistant will also be appointed to the National Committee of each constituent body.

Chairman Appointed by Bishops " The Chairman of the Committee of the U.C.W. will be appointed by the Hierarchy (for three years?) and the Cornmittee itself will consist of three(?) representatives of each of the constituent bodies. It is suggested that, as far as possible, the Committee be representative of the four

ecclesiastical Provinces. The Committee will meet at least once a year, but oftener if necessary.

" All three sections will pay a small fee to the executive of the U.C.W., this fee being necessary to provide a fund for working expenses.

"The three sections will be:—

" 1. THE CATHOLIC WOMEN'S LEAGUE "Object: To promote and uphold Christian principles in civic and social life.

" Public Service is of vital importance in our country at the present time, and we look to the C.W.L. to provide representatives in all departments of public life, and to train women for public and social work. We suggest that Catholic women should, under the direction of the C.W.L., take up care committee work, visiting hospitals, local infant welfare centres, and nursery schools in their own areas, and should thus gain a knowledge of public work in the elementary stages which will be of use to them as a training for the higher and wider forms of public service.

"2. THE UNION OF CATHOLIC MOTHERS "Its objects will be: '. (a) To band together Catholic Mothers who by precept and example will bring up their children as good Catholics and public-spirited citizens.

" (b) To uphold the sacramental character and permanence of marriage and the observance of God's natural laws in the married state.

" (c) To secure a Catholic education for their children and to guard them from immoral companions, amusements and literature.

"All Catholic married women, whatever class they may belong to socially, should belong to this Union since it stands for those Christian principles which are most attacked at the present time. It aims at making our homes and families really Catholic, and without this no Catholic Action will be successful or even possible.

" 3. THE CATHOLIC YOUTH SECTION " Object: To prepare and train apostles of Catholic Action for the future and to promote an apostolate even during the years of youth according as opportunities present themselves. The Holy Father says:

The future is in the hands of our youth, and especially in the hands of our young students, and hence it is of these that special care must be taken.

"Some older people will be needed to guide and direct the movement, and a period of training is necessary for those who are to be the leaders, "THE PARISH

" Any of these three sections which wishes to have a parochial branch in any parish must approach the parish priest and obtain his approval before establishing itself in the parish. The parish priest or his representative will be the chaplain of the branch, and he has the power of veto in all undertakings in his parish."

Young Catholic Women

At their October meeting the Hierarchy provisionally approved of the Young Christian Workers' Movement, with its sister organisations, the Young Christian Students and Young Christian Groups, as the Youth Section of the Union of Catholic Women. These movements are thus recognised as the general Catholic Action movements for girls throughout the country.

Miss C. Greville has been appointed by the bishops as the General Co-ordinating Secretary and headquarters have been established in London.

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