Page 9, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 9
Page 9, 25th November 1938 — For The People By The

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For The People By The

People . •

Many readers interested in the CA 1110L1C HERALD'S Work-For-All plan have written the following letter to their Member of Parliament, the draft of which was published last week.

For the benefit of those who may have missed our suggestion we reprint the text of the letter again this week.


" As one of your constituents I intend to watch with the greatest care your political behaviour during the present months.

" The recent crisis has aroused a new spirit in the eountry, a desire fnr service and sacrifice to make our hied safe from any aggressor. But if our country is worth saving from the external aggressor, it is aliin worth enjoying by everyone of its citizens who are willing to work in it and for it. At present millions are thrown on to the scrap heap and t }lei r valuable labour wasted, millions who, it trained and found proper work. are capable of earning the food, comfort, amenities and useful leisure which they and their family are entitled to; they are underfed, badly housed and formd to live in perpetual' terror of sudden unemployment. This is not gaud enough for England, nor is it necessary. It is due to the maladjuetment calmed by the friction of parasitic vested interest s in both capital and labour, by lack of imagination and by lack of will in our governments.

"The people who are asked to make sacrifices for arinamente want to make greater snerifiees for an England worth defending.

"I, in particular, as one of your emixtitnents declare that I am willing to make all eacrificee needed and to perform any useful work to help in the common task.

" Meanwhile I shall look to you for guidance and inspiration and watch closely to see whether you are fulfilling your duty, as a member tor this constituency, by taking every opportunity of ferthering t his work-for-all and this national service for a peace and a country worth having, as well as for defence againet an external aggressor.

"My vote at the next election will not be given according to any mere party allegiance but solely in aocordance with my estimate as to which of the candidates moms most in earnest in these respects."

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