Page 9, 25th November 1938

25th November 1938
Page 9
Page 9, 25th November 1938 — THE RACE THEORY IN ITALY Cardinal Schuster's Denunciation

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People: Augustus
Locations: Milan, Rome


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THE RACE THEORY IN ITALY Cardinal Schuster's Denunciation

The race theory was introduced to the Italians only six months ago. Now it is filling the air and confronting one's eyes at every turn.

Almost every bookshop of any size is displaying a selection of recent books on the race theory; there are reviews and one weekly newspaper exclusively devoted to persuading Italians of its importance, and the other day orders were given that due space in the papers read by children must be given to Race.

Cardinal Schuster, preaching in the cathedral at Milan on the occasion of the Opening of the celebrations in connection with the centenary of St. Ambrose, made use of the opportunity to reply indirectly to an address on the race theory delivered by Signor Farinacci to a large audience in Milan.

" A Form of Heresy"

" A form of heresy has risen abroad," declared the Cardinal, " and it is penetrating everywhere to some extent. It is not only attacking the foundations of the Church, but by identifying human blood with the spiritual ideas of the individual, of the nation and of the country, denies every other spiritual value, and thus constitutes an international danger not less than that of Bolshevism itself. That heresy is the so-called race theory . . .

" There is no need for me to waste words in confuting such a theory . . . Today, in the name of this myth of the twentieth century, the descendants of Abraham are being banished from the empire, and at the same time conflict arises between it and the one revealed religion . . .

There is much talk about good will for peace and of avoiding war at all costs.

" But this nordic philosophy, which has become at the same time theosophy and politics, is this not supplying the forge where the most tnurderous weapons for a future war are being wrought? ...

Augustus and " Race" " Many Fathers of the Church have recognised in the Roman Empire the providential mission of delaying those terrible times of international conflicts which must precede the end of the world. Indeed, if there has been an imperialism which was at the same time in complete disagreement with the new race theory, it was that of Augustus, the very founder of the Empire. . . . Augustus soon realised that to form into one political body all those numerous peoples subject to the Roman Eagles, be had to pass over all national barriers, all ethnological differences, and to recognise a certain parity of right among all Roman citizens . . . Rome ,extended its confines beyond the walls of Servius Tullius in order to gather into-one city the whole world.

" Anti-Roman "

If, therefore, there is an attitude which is anti-imperialistic and antiRoman, it is undoubtedly this racial myth of the twentieth century which sets back the history of the world by two thousand years.

"Dante had no such myth in mind when Interpreting the revolution of Augustus .

" The Catholic doctrine on original sin is opposed to the nordic myth of the twentieth century, because that doctrine teaches that instead of various bloods which give birth to various human races, there is in our veins a common blood which unites us to Adam and to his sin."

The Cardinal concluded by drawing the attention of the congregation to the unity of all Christians in the Mystical Body of Christ, without any distinction of race, and by praying for Germany and Italy.

" May the genius of the Italians and the wisdom of our Government cooperate once more with divine Grace, as in the times of St. Charles, in keeping far from our land this depressing new nordic heresy."

SIGNOR FARINACCPS REPLY Signor Farinacci, replying in a leading article of his newspaper II Regime Fascista

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