Page 5, 25th November 1949

25th November 1949
Page 5
Page 5, 25th November 1949 — Christian Co-operation At Work In Germany

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Locations: Cologne, Aachen, Paris, Munich


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Christian Co-operation At Work In Germany

A former military camp in Germany, Adelheide, has been converted into a Youth Village by the common efforts of the Catholic Church and the Protestant bodies, backed by assistance from the British Military Authorities.

The bells were taken to the village in a garlanded lorry and handed over with all ceremonial to the village in the presence of the Bishop of Muenster. Mgr. Keller, and the protestant Bishop Lije.

. • •

The Cathedral choir of Aachen together with the city orchestra have been invited to Paris where they will give concerts in the Church of St. Severin in the Latin quarter.

. • .

One consequence of the reinstitution of the freedom of the Press in West Germany, which made some people fear a revival of neo-Nazi papers, is that it will now be possible to restart Catholic dailies in many parts of Germany which existed before Hitler came to power.

The Katholische. Beobachter (Catholic Observer) which is backed by the Hierarchy intends to use the occasion to change over into a fullrange daily political paper with an exclusively Catholic policy.

• • • German Catholics are hopeful that there will be a new German

Saint in the Anno Santo. But it would not be the normal procedure of sanctification, but the so-called aequipollent canonisation which means that a person whom people have traditionally venerated as a Saint is formally admitted to the Canon.

This is the procedure which the Germans, and especially the Premonstratensians hope for in favour of Blessed Hermann Joseph, a medieval monk who lived in the monastery of Steiafeld, near Aachen. He is famous as having had a special devotion to Our I.ady.

A legend tells how, as a child, he was praying before a statue of Our Lady with the child Jesus and offered his apple as a gift when Our Lady bent down and smilingly accented this present.

This scene is recalled in a well known fountain at Cologne where the Blessed Hermann Joseph was born.

Tho Holy Father told the General Postolator of the Premonstratensians in an audience: "I shall do everything. Germany needs another Saint."

The Convent of the Servite Nuns in Munich was entirely destroyed by bombs. The American houses of the Order contributed towards the cost of rebuilding and two blocks of flats, 17 dwellings, have been built beside the convent. These 17 modern flats have now been allocated to bombed-out and expelled people,

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