Page 2, 25th November 1955

25th November 1955
Page 2
Page 2, 25th November 1955 — A Reader's Tribute

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Locations: Haywards Heath


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A Reader's Tribute

—And the moral!

Sir,—I should like to join wholeheartedly in the tribute paid by Douglas Hyde to THE CATHOLIC HERALD in his column of November 11. For this I have the most impelling motive —gratitude. Prior to 1953 I rarely read the Catholic Press. Then a Franciscan Tertiary friend of mine sent me a copy Of THE CATHOLIC HERALD with request that I read it. After studying it for awhile I realised this must he the paper I had been looking for—the type with the 20thcentury outlook. For under your editorship THE CATHOLIC HERALD has livingness," breadth of vision arid freshness of ideas divorced from the painful one-track mind. Every feature is a heart-beat, alive!

The key to the type of public drawn to any paper is always found in the Editor's letter box. It was a revelation to me in meet the type of Catholic mind that contributes 10 TOE CATHOLIC HERALD: stimulating, independent, challenging. (Forgive my ignorance, I had not met this type before and did not know of its existence). You are aware that the old time charge against us (formerly held with some justification) that the Catholic laity has its thinking laid on for it, still persists. Catholics are known to leave the Church persuaded by their non-Catholic intellectual friends that their minds are fettered, that the Church is " out of touch " with modern thought, and claims considered proved. It requires courage to stand up to the mockery of the intellect and stay loyal. And herein lies the magnificent apostolic work you are doing in providing a forum for free discussion—thereby stemming leakage and smashing through the barrier of misunderstanding. For expression will out. Denied one channel, we will find another even if it be underground.

THE, CATHOLIC HLRALD, of which I often tell others, starts in with the psychological pull of being a newspaper with associated coverage—yet partakes in providing spiritual reading related to our times. Beginning with newspaper interest we arrive at the two domimint facts in life . . God and the human soul, to which all others arc ancillary. Neverthelesi we may remember that some of us have been drawn to the Greater, by way of the lesser. Gretta McKeogh.

75, South Road, Haywards Heath, Sussex.

We apologise for publishing this pal on the back. We do an because it provides a chance of reminding our friends that good work in this world does not automatically sell itself. We rely on them to tell others of what they may be EDITOR "



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