Page 2, 25th November 1955

25th November 1955
Page 2
Page 2, 25th November 1955 — Public Housing

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Public Housing

Sir,—The selfish arguments of your two correspondents who object to housing subsidies could of course he applied with equal force to the Health Service, Education, National Assistance, etc., etc.. which bring help to large families with which Catholics should agree.

No one would wish to represent these schemes as being perfect, but they have certainly succeeded in curing much of the ignorance, poverty and disease that existed before they came into being.

Only a small fraction of thc subsidy paid by the public actually goes towards paying for the houses —over three-quarters of it goes to the Exchequer in the form of interest on the loans! If the public want to reduce the subsidies— which, in most cases, cost them only a few pence per Week—they should forbid the Chancellor from charging usury which the Church's social teaching forbids. Subsidies would then be unnecessary.

Many people with large families to bring up will never be able to afford to buy houses. Public housing is the only chance they have of getting decent accommodation at a reasonable rent.

B. 0. H. Thomas. 56, Trinity Road,

Bridlington, Yorks.

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