Page 2, 25th November 1955

25th November 1955
Page 2
Page 2, 25th November 1955 — Sir,—May 1, as a veteran member of Our Lady's Missionary

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Sir,—May 1, as a veteran member of Our Lady's Missionary

Keywords: Religion / Belief

League, be allowed to enlarge on Constance Holt's kind remarks on our work.

The League is a body of laywomen who endeavour to supply anything from a reel of cotton to a Mass outfit to those on the Foreign Missions.

We do not !flake frocks, hut are most grateful to all who send us clothing of any kind, also medical supplies. clean old rag, books, etc., but especially are we glad of vestments even if old, which we repair.

As we are looking after well over 800 missions, we need many more members and also more helpers at Headquarters, to carry on this most necessary and rewarding work.

Further details will be gladly supplied on application to the President at Our Lady's Missionary League, 4, Chiswick Lane, W.4.

M. F. de M.

Sir, -With reference to Archbishop Roberts's article, " A Penny Share in the Missions," would it not he a good idea if parish priests throughout the country would put up a box in their churches. together with a large placard overhead: " Don't Forget Your Penny." I am sure there is not one Catholic who would refuse to put a penny a week therein. It is only when they are asked to join a specific association such as the " A.P.F." that they feel they just cannot be bothered. But none would refuse to slip a penny in the box, particularly if the parish priest would say a few words with regard to the importance of the Missions. The organisation involved would he infinitesimal, and I am sure the response would he country-wide.

Mary Pollard. 63, Upper Morin Road, Paigntnn, Devon.

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