Page 2, 25th November 1955

25th November 1955
Page 2
Page 2, 25th November 1955 — THE MALE ATTIRE

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Organisations: National Service
People: Wheatley
Locations: Oxford


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Keywords: Trousers, Formalwear

'Edwardian' Protests

Sir, -Why should Mr. Wheatley imagine that " ordinary people " dress any better than those who favour long narrow trousers and Edwardian jackets. Why should he suppose that this widespread cult of dress must necessarily describe some peculiarly disagreeable mental quirks?

His own dress, that of the conventional British middle cluss man is equally a uniform; is equally absurd when analysed with a fresh eye. Look at all that bizarre apparatus around the neck, collar studs, starched collars and bits of ribbon called ties.

Look at that black hard tea-pot cosy he wears on his cranium called a bowler hat.

He only wears it because everybody else does.

That is the crux of Most of behaviour in all lines. Because everybody else does. He wishes to be ordinary. He wishes to deflect any criticism of himself by posing as being an " ordinary " fellow.

There is no such thing as an ordinary " fellow.

As for Edwardianism. I have seen in Bond Street examples of expensive Edwardianism, particularly in hats, which have sent me into peals of laughter. The younger generations wish to break with their elder brothers and fathers because they are sick of them: not for the first time in history.

Same old faces; same old clothes; same old chatter; same old lectures; and not one of them can explain a thing to the kids at the Science Museum or the Schoolboys' Exhibition. Few can mend the Radio and none the Teleset.

All they stick to, to keep up their desire to dominate youth, is to cling to externals. Do they worship an) thing else but the great God ' Respectability "?

When I was that age, I wore Oxford trousers and all the old gang said the same sort of thing about us--except that they did not charge us with violence and hooliganism. but then we did not have National Service and brothers who told us all about service life and how to fight all over the world. We were told that we were insipid, lazy, debauched, woollyminded and quite unfit for life in the land which heroes had given


The time came, as it always does; and I think we did as well as any other previous lot.

leave the Edwardian clothes alone! It suggests RS much " social schizophrenia " to screech about them as it does to wear them.

Catholic Oxford Rags.

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