Page 2, 25th November 1955

25th November 1955
Page 2
Page 2, 25th November 1955 — The Sailor's Need

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The Sailor's Need

Sir.—There will be thousands of Catholic seamen, along with me, who were delighted to read Fr. Fox's letter in your issue of November 4.

How few realise that the seamen's life, British or foreign, is Nomadic. After the long voyage at sea there is the time in port in a strange land with the peculiar temptations of the lonely. And that is where to mymind and experiences the Port Missionary is of the Utmost importance. He is the friend, helpmate, advisor, and public relations officer, all rolled into one that the average seamen so anxiously wants to contact. Hitherto, in London it has only been the Port Missionary and not, for a Catholic, the priest, who has been available, As Fr. Fox writes, there may not he actual administration of the sacraments, hut perhaps only a seaman can appreciate the benefit of that "quasi-sacramental character " of the ten minutes informal chat; and also the knowledge that whatever the port there is alway.v the one real friend waiting to wel come you in. Mariner (R.C.)

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