Page 6, 25th November 1955

25th November 1955
Page 6
Page 6, 25th November 1955 — CHILDREN'S COR N

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People: Clare Simon
Locations: Paris, London


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Keywords: Poodle, Paris

By Clare Simon

I'M sure that if you are at school or live in London you remembered to keep the Two Minutes' Silence on Armistice Day. In Paris, it was kept on November 1 and was very exciting.

All day long the French soldiers in their wonderful uniforms covered with braid marched about in the Champs-Elysees, which is the most important street in Paris. When they were standing at ease they did not behave a bit like English soldiers but turned round and started talking to the crowd, and when they marched on, crowds of little boys ran along beside them.

Instead of selling poppies as in England, the French sold little blue cornflowers. And there were lots of Scouts everywhere.

French ))0041114'S TDON'T know if I have ever told you that Slyboots and are great friends of a poodle which belongs to the Editor of THE CATHOLIC HERALD: her name is Michele. Well. we are bringing exciting news back from Paris for

Michele. All the time we were there the only kind of dog we saw were poodles, all wearing very smart hair-cuts. getting in and out of taxis and usually accompanied by a very rich-looking human being in a fur coat.

In the country, of course, there are other kinds, and we made friends with a very nice black and white spaniel called Yvon, whose job is to go shooting with his master and retrieve the hares and partridges when they are shot in the fields. Slyboots tried this, too, but he was so frightened by the guns when they went off that we knew he would never be much good.

As I told you, he will be going into quarantine when we come back to England next week so he is making the most Of his freedom.

Ilettift jilt I toys IN the shops in Paris they are

getting ready for Christmas and I saw some of the most beautiful toys you can imagine. Great big cuddly teddy-bears, probably bigger than the little boy or girl they would belong to, and costing about f.5 each; dolls wearing rich clothes and coming with several changes of clothes; wonderful clockwork animals. When you walk into the toy department of any of the shops it is just like going into fairyland with all the bright lights and tinsel.

I shall be back in England next week and writing to you from there.

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