Page 5, 25th November 1966

25th November 1966
Page 5
Page 5, 25th November 1966 — From John Burke in Louvain

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Organisations: Volksunie
Locations: Bruges, Hasselt, Antwerp, Ghent


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Page 5 from 25th November 1966

From John Burke in Louvain

Flemish town" have been painted on walls.

Arguments appear in the student press. Dedicated activists distribute leaflets in the streets. Members of the Volksunie, the extreme Flemish

nationalist party, address student meetings. Undergraduates from Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges and Hasselt barricade themselves in the library singing traditional antiwar songs like "We shall overcome".

The association of Flemish professors has now added its own formidable weight to the struggle by calling upon the French section to leave Louvain "in everybody's interest" And in an interview with local leaders of the V VS, the Flemish student organisation, I was told that the end of November should see another open-air mass dcmonstralion.

Leo Nauwens, 23, a political scientist from Turnhout. explained: "We shall continue this policy of action until 1968, which is to see a new development in Parliament's discussions about higher education. Our aim is to make a new Bill about Louvain inevitable."

According to a Walloon professor, the extreme elements are only three per cent of the

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