Page 8, 25th November 1983

25th November 1983
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Page 8, 25th November 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Advent Canal Service, Calhelic TV IS Radio Centre, Sc UM, Atlantic Houle, School Chapel Service, Mei:rend Upholiand College, Archbishop's Council, Justice and Peace Committee, BC StandIng Committee, St Edmund's School, Sacrist Heart Pri.ari School, Venerable College, Canterbury Deanery Pastoral Council, Area Pastore/ Council, Redundant Schools Committee, Laecirstor University, Diocesan Pastoral COuncil, Bishop Thomas Grant School, Samorl Heart School, SI Paul's School, Cathallu Education Council, p.m SI WYO.'S Deanery Pastoral Council, Gateman Association, Diocesan Schoots' Commission, Beds College, Trimly School, 'S School, Harts Area Liturgy Commission, Cardinal Heenan High School, SI Bede's School, Vocations Commission, In English College, Archbishops' Council Meetrng Curial Office, St Franca Children's Society, Minlatrirds Venerable English COliage Finance Committee, Radio Television Centre, English College, Advisory Council, Area Assembly, Allen Hall Management Committee, Fariely Centre, Comprehensive School, Cardin Association, Schools' Commission, TV Centre, Chaplaincy Centre, Wadnsday Educatiori Commission, Archelehop's Council, Queen Mary's College


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0 = Ordination: M = 'mass ; V Visitation:

Page 8 from 12th July 1985

Bishops Engagements

Keywords: Religion / Belief

C Corairmation. M Mass 0 Ordination. V Visitation.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop ol Westminster. Friday: la at Northwood, 7 30 Saturday, Hatch End Trusteeri Meeting. 10 am M at Headstone Lana, 5 pen. Sunday: M at St Johns Wood. 10 95 am. Youth M, Weetminster Cathedral, 7 p m Monday Society at Christran, and Jews, 2.15 p.m Tuesday: Variety Club Lunch. FA & Blessing at Chapel at Chiswick, 7 pm Wednesday, SA, London Colney Ministry Iv Neste Meeting, London Coiney, 4 o re, Thursday Melletry to Pr iesis Team Meeting, London Colney Archbishop Bowen of Southseork. Friday. Continues visa to Rome. Im conlerrIng 01 Minlatrirds Venerable English COliage Finance Committee fleeting. and vines In English College and Beds College: tuntil November 271 Monday. Meetings, Archhiehops House. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, Cathedral Clergy Hauer, 12 noon kehblahop Carve de Muntille, Friday: V. Oullon Abbey. Stalls Saturday/Sunday V, St Ambrose, Barlow, Hall Green Wednesday: M for 611, Form or Trimly School, Leamington, 11 rn

Archbishop Wald of Cordite Friday: SI Joseph's Convent Schwa, North Rd Garth!! I p al Newport Catenians Dinner. 8 p.m. Saturday. ECM Trustee& Nalmen1 Catholic Radio e. TV Centre, Hati.h End, 10 p.m Sunday: C. Abe, (mein riy 10 am Monday/Thursday:On Reimer.

Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool. Friday: Archbishop's Council Meeting, Corral °times. 10 am Merseyside Enterprise Forum, Metropolitan House, 2 15 p.m SI WYO.'S Deanery Pastoral Council Saturday Trualees Meeting. 10.15 am Calhelic TV IS Radio Centre, Hatch End. M. with Cardin Association, Atlantic Houle. 5.30 P fn. SundaylMonday: V end C, All Saints, Anlield Tuesday: St Helens Deanery Clergy, Archbishop's House, 12.30 p m Meeting of Priests Upholland Northam institute, 4 pen. Wednesday Meeting et Priests continued. Uphollaed institute. Thursday: Celebrate:, Palmnal Feast Campion Hall. Osteney Bishop Alexander 01 CtiItmt. Friday: Visas Samorl Heart School, Chew Magna. M, 9.45 am Blesses Sports Hall. St UrSula's School Westbury on Tryre. 8 pm. Saturday: V, Sacred Heee Parish. Chew Magna Sunday: V & C Sanded Heart Parish, Chew Magna Preaches at all M and administers C, 11 &m. Parish Celebration he Si George, Taunton, 6 30 p TerilidaY: Meeting ixt All Diocesan Clergy, St Teresa's. Bristol, 11 am Thursday: Concelebrates M. with the Association at the Venerable College of St Thomas De Labe, Tyburn

C°131"711opn" BPrerrwe' r. Auxiliary tor Shrewsbury. Feder Canon Law.Course, Rome Seturday: 0 students to ilie Diaconate, English College, Rome Monday:Canon Law Course contd.

Bishop Birdie, Auxiliary tor Saliord. Friday: Begins &alley Bridge v Sunday: V & C. HOly Intent, Millet, Bridge 11_15, 3 p.m. Thursday: Clergy Recollection. Deane Convent, Bolton.

Bishop Clerk, of WI AnUe, Friday: Norwich Catenian Society Ann1versary Dinner, 7.30 p m Saturday V. St Joseph's, Peterborough. Sunday V $1 Joseph's. Peterborough. Final M ol the.MIssiOn, Our Lady or Lourdes. Peterborough, 8.30 p.m Mondale: AGM. St Franca Children's Society. Shef ford 11 a,m Wednesday: Vocations Commission, While H01818. Poringland, 11.30 8,T. Thuradey: Association 91 the Venerable College at St Thames de Urbe N. Tyhurn Convent. 1 pee

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary be Binning's:en Friday: Visits School. Wesley Castle, 10 am M S C. Sr Rose Weekly Castle. 6 30 p m Saturday: Provincial M or Gateman Association: SS Mary SJohn Wolverhampton 11.15 a.m. Monday V el schoots & Parish. M & C SI Frim0a Xavier, Oldbury. 7.10 0". Tuesday M & C St Augustine's, Handsworth, 7.30 p.m. Thursday: M, tor Pahl mat Feast. St Edmund's School. Compton, Wolverharriptori, 11.15 a.m.

Bishop Emery at Portsmouth. Friday: Our Lady of Peace. Earley, C M. y pitt Sunday: St Joseph's. Ramsey, Parish v Tuesday: Cathallu Education Council, London. Education Meeting, II a m Wednesday: °ea. Abbey. Ryde. U lo the Priesthood. 11 a ni Thursday: SI Cetera's Abbey Rvdw Final ProlesSiOn, .51 BishOp Foley of Lancaster. Friday: Day on 'communications'. Chaplaincy Centre, Lancaster, 11.30 5.15. (SC Dinner. Blackpool. 730 p.m SaliadaY: Pastoral Counca, Chaplaincy Centre Lancaster. 11 a.m. Opens St Joseph's Christmas Fair. Galgate. 2 v. Sunday: Rally tOr DOCesarl HandeapPed Groups, Laecirstor University 3 p.m. Tuesday: M. SI Becle'S School, Lytham, 2_30 p.m. Wednesder NI, St Pius >I School, Harrow, 2.30 p.m, Thuredey: M, for Thanksgiving tor reopening ol Church, Kirkby Stephen. 7.30p.m.

Auelliary tor Westminster. Friday: M, Pottery Lane. 5 p.m Seturday Seelig and Pastoral Action AGM, Wektreinster, 3 pm Sunday: N. Highbury, am Advent Teeth Festival. Westminster, 5.30 pm. Monday: Area Assembly group, PJH. B p.m. Tuesday: Hackney Deanery Conference, 11 are al S talk. Queen Mary's College, 5 p.m. WednesdayrThursdar. Plenary Team Meeting. London Colnev

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury. Tuesday: Attends Clergy Day 01 Recollection, Malpes. Thursday. Confers Sacrament of Conermaeon, Sacred Hears Moreton. 7,30 p.m Saturday • Meeting with Renames Of the OiOcese. Melees. 3 00 p SI Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough. Friday PacepliOn M aid nI NSPCC Appeal, Cralhorne Hall Belharday: Meeting of Trustees, National Cathobc, Radio Television Centre, Hatch End Monday: Meeting of Advisory Council, Radio Cleveland Tuesday, Diocesan Property a Finance Meeting, Brehop's House. Pastoral Council Meetine. Midchesbrough. 7 30 p.m. Wednesday: Meeting ol Diocesan Schoots' Commission Thursday Meets wilt. clot uy, The Grange, Ample-Ruth,

Bishop Harvey, Auxiliary for Westminster. Friday: C, SI Gabriel 5, South Harrow, 8 P.m Sunder C. St John Fisher, North Harrow, 3 30 per. Advent youth Festival, 7.30 pSl Tuesday: Evacuee, Committee Meeting, Catholic Nurses Dena 1.30 pm. Pnzegiverg, St Angeia'S Sehuol, Palmer, Green. 7 p m. Wednesday: M. 51 Agnes, Dolls Hai Golden Jubilee. 7.30 p.m Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary for Southwark. Friday. Pans!! V. Nottingham Saturday: Afternoon of

Prayer on ine Some ol Reconciliation tut the return

of those who have grown weak in thee lath Black.

ten 2,30-5 em. N. 3 pm Sunday: N011ingham V continued Monday: Bishop Thomas Grant School. Streatham, 9.15.4 p.m Tuesday Chapter Meeting, 11 a re Diocesan Bishops' Meeting, 2 30 ern. Thursday. SI Paul's School, Plumsteed, p.m. BC StandIng Committee no Evangelism Mtg. Mill H111,6,30 p.m B ishop Hitcher( Auxiliary for Liverpool, Friday. Archbishops' Council Meetrng Curial Office, a tn. St 'amens Pastoral Dewier). Council DoWhOuse, Sr Helens 7.30 p or Saturday: M and Party !of speakeasy Sunday: V. Our Lady's, Fleet Lane, St Helens. Monday: Mei:rend Upholiand College Tuesday: Redundant Schools Committee Meeting. Curial Offices. 10 a.m. Meeting with Clergy, Upholland, 4 p.m Wednesday: Meeting wan Clergy, Uptrollalld. C, Widnes. em. Thursdey: Cethoric Chaplaincy. Mount Pleasant. C. Widnes 7.30 p.m.

B ishop Hoard of Salford. Winder Confessions, Mulberry $treet, Manchester, 11 ern Tuesdey: SI GabherS ManaVeTent Committee, Victoria Park, 230 pm Allen Hall Management Committee. Fallowileld, 4 p.m. Wednesday: Tango Moor ViellatIon, 220 p.m Thureday: Clergy Recollection. Deane Convent, Bolton, It a.m.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary tor Southwark. Friday: Vests Si A eseire's Comprehensive School, Canterbury, 2 p.m Saturday: Conierence Primary School Teachers at West Malting, 10.30 am Sunday: Catechist Day at West Mailing Monday: Canterbury Deanery Pastoral Council Meeting. 8 p.m. Tuesday: C, at Herne Bay, B p or. Wednesday'. Schools' COMmisaion Meeting, 2.30 p.m Wonersh to admit candidate to Clerical State, 8 p.m Thursday Tribunal Meeting Cl Southwark. 11 am

Bishop 'Constant, Auviliary for Southwerk. SAturday. Primary NE PrOiect Meeting, Kensrnglon Square, 10 am Social and Pa-Stara! Action. Assembly, Arehbishotie House. 3 p en M. Bayswater, II 30 ay', Sunday: Advent Youth Festival, Westminster Cathedral. 5.30 p.m. Tuesday: Deans' Meeting, Ogle Street, 3 p.m Lorelon University Chaplaincy, (lovver Street, 6.30 p.m. Wednesdey: Miniatry to pees% Team Meeting, London Colney Thursday-. Ministry to Priests Tearer Meeting, cont. Thursday: Area Pastore/ Council. Kensington Srpiare. 7 p.m.

Biahop Lindeay of Hamilton and Newcastle. Sunday. C, St Aidaris, Ashingt on

Bishop McCanie, Auxiliary for Birmingham. Sunday: NI S C, St Peter's, Leamington, I I a.m. M P. C, St Peter's, Leamington. 12.15. Monday/Tuetdayt Meeilee with Juror Clergy or Diocese. Wednesday: V Cl schools P. 511115 Oratory Parish, Birmingham, 10.30 am Thursday: Diocesan Schools Commission Priests Consullailve Goironillee, Birmingham, 10.45 a m.

Bishop McGuinness el Nollinghem. Friday: Uistrrbutron of Prizes. SI Bede's School, Scunthorpe, Sunday:C. Sr Joseph's, Leicester. 3 p.m. Tuesday: C. Si Edward, Leleeater. 7 pre Wednesday: East Midlands Church Leaders Meeting afternoon. Centenary N. Our Isely end St Joseph. Matlock. 7 p m Thursday: Sacrist Heart Pri.ari School, leireteler, 10.30 ase Bishop McMahon ol Brentwood. Sunday: Presides at Advent Canal Service, Cathedral, 3,30 p Tuesday Meet: ng with Religious Superiors, Convent of Mercy. Brentwood. 2.30 p.m Wednesday: V. St Francis al AsSISI. Strattotd Thursday: Consecrate Altar. St Certri'5. Goodetayes. 7.30 p Ill Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary tor Westminster. Friday: Meeting of Deans, 34. Whitehall Gardens. 10.30 am. Justice and Peace Committee Meeting, 34 Whitehall Gardens, 6 p rrr Saturdsy Semi and Pastoral Action Assiut:01y, Archbishops Houee, 3 P.M. Sunda), Youth

Westminster Cathedral, 7 p m Tuesday: Clergy day oi Recollectron.

Bishop Mullins, Auxiliary for Cardiff. Week visiting seminaries in heiand Bishop J O'Brien, Auxiliary for Westminater Friday Harts Area Liturgy Commission, SI Peter's, Hatfield. 2.30 p m C at St Thome,' Of Canterbury, 7.30 p.m.Saturday: C at Immaculate Cenception, Waltham Grose 7.30 p.m Sunder V at Immaculate Conception. Waltham Cross. Monday: SI Michael's Schutt, Stevenage. 9 am. School Chapel Service, St Mary's. Bishop's Stallard. 5 p.m. Tuesday, Ecumenical buggy Study Day at Fariely Centre, Welwyn Garden City. 10 am Commissions Euchanslic Minallers, St Hilda's. Stevenage. / 30 p in. Widnsday: 10th Anniversary Celkrrallons Ed All Saints. 11 am. Mtnistry to Priests learn rrieehng, 4 p.m

ssuSai.litrdayr::m. osdaCf hayi?Otproes,,,p1Hsauty°,11:to, F Bishop K O'Brien, Auxiliary for Middlesbrough. -COuncil at St ssuSai.litrdayr::m. osdaCf hayi?Otproes,,,p1Hsauty°,11:to, F Middlesbrough. Wadnsday Educatiori Commission, Middlesbrough Thursday: Clergy Meeting at AmBlip'ahOph"Kevie O'Connor, Auxiliary for Liverpool Friday: Archelehop's Council Meeting Curial Offices. 10 am. C. SI Wilfrid 's. Stubshaw Crosa, Ashton.inMaker-held. 7.30 p rrr Sunday/Monday: V. SI Frartios de Dales, Walton. Tuesday governor's Meeting, Cardinal Heenan High School, Concelebrated M or Silver Jubilee al Church, St Patrick's, Newtonle-Willows, ISO p m, Wednesday: V. St Andrew's, Hunts Cross, 7.30 pm 'Thursday: C, St Mark's. Halewood. 7.30 pm Bishop Rawethotne, Auxiliary ter INGIIKKe. cuEridnialigro! r:ern. Ajr;hntripashuopl l'IsTrCouum.nLooir,dori,1 Mee. Sti3ong pm. Saturday: Nattered Prrmary Religious Education Peogramme planning, Lundon Sunday: Southport Deanery Liturgy. Holy FarrelyChurch, a p ep Monday: C Sr Stephen's. Orlord Tuesday: C. St Stephen's. Orford Wednesday: C, St Stephen's, Orford. Thursday: Schools' Commission Meeting, 10.15 am.

CuBtliteShrt MReay5netialScUMhoo° l,PICyhrnurchikof-OuFrndalady'y"8. tar Denis, Torquay, 11 am Sunday: N & V. Most Precious Blood Church, Sidmouth. C, 3 p.m Tuesday Requiem Mass lor deceased clergy at the Diocese, Cathedrat Plymouth, 12 noon. Thursday PM Vialls St Michael's Hoselpowital,HTaropyle.Corji„all,ipn_riss. Lipper Norwood. 11 M andtreadisen

Award at Carshalton, 6.30 p.m. Monday: V. St Joseph's

r;i0Fnridoet ypaCp.fill

School at Beulah Hill, 12 Floor, c 01 Deacon at Touting Dec. '/ 30 p.m.

Bishea Walmsley. Bishop of the Forces. • SaturdayiSunday RAF Coningshy, Llrrcs Wednesday, Vicariate Trustees Meeting. London It a m, Bishop Wheeler of Leeds. Friday: MuetIng of Trustees, Cathedral. 11 a m Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral COuncil, Trinity and All Saints, Horsforth Sunday V & C. Luosetl. Monday/Thursday: Visa to Irish Seminaries 01■1116

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