Page 2, 25th October 1946

25th October 1946
Page 2
Page 2, 25th October 1946 — CHRISTIANITY AND COMMUNISM

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StR,—It is unfortunate that the Archbishop of York should have chosen the present moment to criticise the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. The significance of the savage and purposeful attacks of the Communists directed from Moscow, against

Catholicism does not seem to be fully appreciated. The present world-wide conflict between Communism and Christianity is evidence that the Kremlin, and the Governments subservient to it, recognise that there is a

great moral issue at stake. Communism and Christianity are incompatible, Since Bolshevism became a dominant factor in world affairs the Catholic Church has waged a ceaseless and couragernis fight against the pernicious standards of life .it seeks to impose.

The Catholic Church standing practically alone has raised its voice in season and out of season against the Godless creed of Communism. It does less than justice to the intelligence of Stalin and his associates to suppose that they do not realise that the extermination of the Christian faith as taught and preached by the Roman Church is not less vital to them than the mastery of the secrets of the atom.

The protests of the Protestant Churches against the tyranny of MOSCOW have been negligible and the Kremlin has concentrated all the venom of its anti-God campaign against the Church which through its prelates and priests has not only preached the principles for which Christ stood but has sought by voice and example, to carry those principles into practice, and to fulfil the injunction of the foundet of Christianity to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's.

The Church of Rome by its acts and example is defending civilisation at the price of martyrdom and it ill becomes those who are taking no active part in this struggle, to seek to undermine those principles of Roman Catholicism which arc in part the secret of the enormous hold which that religion has on the minds of those who practise it.

The vilest persecution in history is being directed against those who hold the Catholic faith and the prominent prelates and divines or tither faiths who have taken at their face value the hypocritical assurances of Stalin as to the dawn of a new era of religious freedom in Russia are doing humanity a supreme disservice.

H. M. Hooey.

The Athenaeum.


From R. R. Stokes, M.P.

Sta,—If Dr. Barnes would pay a little more attention to what the policy of the Americans in the American zone appears to be he might modify his opinion. Since be wrote his letter, statements have appeared in the Press about the proposed American intention to put German industry on its feet by loans from Wall Street. I do not believe that it is Wall Street's intention to create a Socialist order in Germany. On the other hand it is my firm conviction that the only satisfactory way to reorganise German industry is on a Socialist basis, therefore if the Americans have their way the lines on which we have already been working in the British zone would be frustrated and the hopes of the progressive forces dashed to the ground.

My report of my conversation with Cardinal Preysing was correctly stated in my letter and the version as reported in your correspondent's interview with me is incorrect. I have nothing more to say on the matter.

With regard to the other points raised in Dr. Barnes's letter which concern me; I agree with what lie says but I remain of the conviction I have always held that the only way to avoid these sort of stupidities by people with little political sense is to have a resident Cabinet Minister in Germany instead of bottling hint up at Norfolk House.

R.R. SiOleeS.

32, Victoria Street, S.W.1.

[We should state that our reporter's script was checked by Mr. Stokes himself.—EDITOR, CRUSADE BY THE POSTER Ste,—The poster is now an accepted form of propaganda, not merely for commercial goods, but also, in increasing proportions, for other matters which need to be brought to public notice in a striking and unmistakable way—road safety, V.D., savings and so on.

Taking up this modern method, many Protestant Churches now display posters bearing a spiritual message, known as the " Wayside Pulpit." If the notion has not been adopted by Catholic churches, the reason possibly is that the use of isolated texts does not appeal to the mind of the Church. But there is another form of appeal which has always found favour in the Churc.h, the appeal of art, of striking and telling images. At one time these chiefly took the form of sculpture or of stained glass. Such vehicles are no longer available to any appreciable extent. But has the poster been sufficiently considered as a modern equivalent '1 A well-chosen, apt and striking drawing or painting will always hold the attention. Some of the posters displayed by our Railway Companies and featuring Cathedrals and Abbeys, or simply natural scenery of great beauty, already have something of an elevating and tranquillising effect. It seems to me there is room for an apostolic crusade by the poster—in fact, that it is the religious and idealistic poster that is missing in the contemporary scene. I wonder what the feeling of your readers is on this matter 7 CYPRIAN RICE, O.P.

St. Dominic's Priory, Newcastle upon Tyne, I.

CHURCHILL'S RESPONSIBILITY Sia,—Surely the responsibility for " the utter destruction of the German people" is not Churchill's but Hitler's. He said in so many words that if he Went down, the German people should go down with him. In his mad malignent mind. there was no more pity for his own nation than for any other branch of the human race.

Emma Dow.

26, Temple Fortune Lane, N.W.1 1.

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