Page 7, 25th October 1957

25th October 1957
Page 7
Page 7, 25th October 1957 — TRAVELLING MISSIONS

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Westminster.--Mass will be said on Sunday at The Village Hall. Ashwell, at 8,30 a.m., and at The Village Hal, Breachwood Green, at 10 a.m.

Southwark.-This week the Mission will visit: Chilham, in the parish of Ashford. Mass will be said at the Village Hall at 10 a.m. Time and place of earlier Mass will be announced locally. Brentwood.-Mass will be said on Sunday at: I. Wivenhoe Centre, Wivenhoe, at 8.45 a.m.. and at the Village Hall, Great Bentley, at 10.15 a.m. 2. The British Legion Club, Tiptree, at 8.15 a.m., and at Layer

Breton. at 10.15 a.m. Next week the mission will visit: Danbury, Rettendon, Boated and Ardleigh.

Nottingham.-Mass will be said on Sunday in Winteringham at 8.30 am., in Owston Ferry at 11 a.m., and in Willem/11ton at 5 p.m. During the week Fr. Nicholson, S.C.J., will visit Woodbeck area.

Notfinglion.-Mass on Sunday at Village Hall, Bottesford, at 8 a.m.: at Village Hall, Barkston, at 10.30 a.m., and at British Legion Hall, Ancaster, at 5 p.m. Fr. Murray, S.C.J., will next week visit Uppingharn and Boothby Pagnell.

Northamplon.-Mass will be said tomorrow (Saturday) at Nadany's, 16, Teviot Close, King's Heath, at 9 a.m., and at Swinford. Mass will be said on Sunday at Boardman's, Manor House. Welford, Northants, at 9 a.m., and at Lord Braye's, The Hall, Swinford, at 11 a.m., and next week: Boxford and Acton.

Menevia.-From October 25 to 27 Fr, Conroy, C.SS.R., will visit Waun Fawr and Talysarn; Fr. Doyle will visit Brymho and Ffrith; Fr. Maram, C.SS.R., will visit the Llandovery District. Menevla. From October 24-27 Fr. Aloysius, 0.F.M.Camp., will visit Halkyn (Holywell) and Llanarmon (Ruth i n).


1'R1ARs MINOR.-The following appointments were made in the Provincial Congregation of the Order of Friars Minor, held at St. Antony's Friary, Forest Gate, London, October 10-15: Provincial Definitors: Fr. Laurence Powell, 0.F.M., Frs. John Berchmans Dockery, Charles Murphy and Hugh McKay, O.E.M. The Friary, Forest Gate. Guardian: Fr. Dermot O'Sullivan, O.F.M. ; Vicar: Fr. Cuthbert McNulty, O.F.M. The Friary, Gorton, Manchest e r. Guardian: Fr. Martin Cawley, 0.E.M.; Vicar: Fr, Rudolph Crawford, O.F.M. The Friary, Glasgow. Guardian: Fr, Roderick O'Hagan, 0.F.M.; Vicar, Fr. Mark Wilson, O.F.M. The Friary, Stratford: Guardian: Fr. Ephrem Conway, O.F.M. ; Vicar, Fr. Berard Henrietta, O.F.M. The Friary, Clevedon: Guardian: Fr. Edwin Sheehan, O.F.M. ; Vicar. Fr. Ferdinand Ford, O.F.M. The Friary, Chilworth. Guardian: Fr. Adrian McCudden, O.F.M. ; Vicar, Fr. Romuald Eddy, O.F.M. The Friary, Bristol. Guardian: Fr. Harold Richardson.

O.F.M. ; Vioar: Fr. Oswald O'Donnell, O.F.M. The Friary, Woodford Green, Essex. Guardian: Fr. Philip Keys, O.F.M. ' Vicar, Fr. Denis Kivlehan, O.F.M. The Friary, Ascot: Guardian: Fr, Valerian Pieroni, O.F.M. ; Vicar, Fr. Hilary McDonagh, O.F.M. The Friary, Livepool. Guardian: Fr. Leopold O'Sullivan, 0.F.M.; Vicar: Fr. John Capistran Moran, O.F.M. The Friary, Edinburgh. Guardian: Fr. Rupert Loughlin, 0.F.M.;Vicar: Fr. Daniel O'Connor, O.E.M. St. Bernardine's College, Buckingham. Guardian: Fr. John Chrysostom O'Dowda, 0.F.M.; Vicar, Fr. Alexis Magee, O.F.M. The Friary, Dundee. Guardian: Fr. Casimir Duffy. O.F.M. ; Vicar, Fr. Matthew Walsh, O.F.M. The Friary, Nottingham. Guardian: Fr. Leonard Sculls, O.F.M. ; Vicar: Fr. Gerald Scarisbrick, O.F.M. The Friary, East Bergholt. Guardian: Fr. Germain Heron, O.F.M.; Vicar: Fr. Hugh McKay, O.F.M. The Friary, Craigmiller. Guardian: Fr. Donald Cook, 0.F.M.; Vicar: Fr. Bernardine McGahan, O.F.M. St. Bonaventure's, Cambridge. Superior: Fr. Gilbert Sisam, O.F.M. The Friary, Aldridge. Superior: Fr. Aidan Jackson, O.F.M. The Friary, Llanidlies. Superior: Fr. Kenneth Gillespie, O.F.M.

Bellary Mission. S. India: Regular Superior, Fr. Egbert Barnes, O.F.M.

Ermelo Mission, S. Africa: Regular Superior, Fr. Christopher Ulyatt, O.E.M.

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