Page 12, 25th September 1936

25th September 1936
Page 12
Page 12, 25th September 1936 — CHILDREN'S CATHOLIC HERALD

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Speech To German Children : Our Noisy Age : The Clenched Fist

Last week Herr Hitler, the Chancellor of the German Parliament made a great appeal to the youth of Germany. He told them that they lived in a great age and in a great country where "there is life, while other countries around us are filled with cruelty and horror."

He called them " fine specimens" and said that "a new type of beauty has grown up. A slim and trim boy, a true sportsman type healthy in body and in soul." But healthy in soul was only an afterthought—in most of his speech Herr Hitler was exhorting the children to great deeds of physical prowess for Germany that she may have strong soldiers and people "accustomed to fighting." He seems to have forgotten that there are other qualifications for great men that have nothing to do with mere "sportsmanship!'

Someone in America has been making records of typical street noises and all these have recently been sealed into the corner-stone of a New York building.

Recordings of honking horns, squeaking brakes, police whistles, and other familiar urban noises were made on chromium-plated copper discs, coated with an imperishable tarry compound and locked in a copper box. Included also were a gramophone and instructions for removing the tarry compound and playing the records. This was done, it seems, to inform posterity how noisy were the people of to-day, the assumption being that posterity in its wisdom will have won back to quiet, and be incapable of understanding how foolishly noisy we could be.

Every party in politics has its own salute—just as many have their own particular shirts, thus we know the Hitler salute, arm straight out from the shoulder. Now the Communist party have a salute too. It is a clenched fist—a horrid symbol of might rather than right.

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