Page 10, 25th September 1981

25th September 1981
Page 10
Page 10, 25th September 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: King School, Rigby Stuart College, High School, pm. Tuesday:Si Mary's High School, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Bare School, Catholic Youth Service Council, Venerable English College, Yale, Venerable English College Rome, Bishop Walsh School, Calechelical Commission, Nottingham University, Diocesan Schools Commission, Imperial College, Ecumenical Commission of England and Wales, Pastoral Foundation Service, Pontifical Council for the Laity, Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, Christian Aid Service, Hierarchy Education Commission, Bismots' Religious Commission, Christian Education Centre, IYDP Committee, Opens Sr Benedict 's School, St John's School, English College, Catholic Teachers' Federation, Birmingham Pastoral Council, St Paure Church, St .John's College, Bishops Review Committee, Justice and Peace Commission Leeds, Diocesan Chapter, Review Committee of the Bishops Conference, FSA, Finance Board, Catholic Teachers Association, Churches Main Committee, Safford University Court, International Centre, St Brendan's Sixth Form College, St Johns School, Guild of Catholic Doctors, Good Shepherd Church, Ecumenical Commission for England, St Joseph's Church, Pope John Centre, pm. Westminster Pastoral Foundation Council, Lourdes Pilgrimage Committee, Bach Society


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Bishops Engagements .

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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Wastmineter Friday: Visits St David s Horne. Ealing. 5.30 pin Mass, Dernond Jubilee. Ruislip. 7.30 pen, Sunday: Addresses West Area Pastoral Day gathering. Westminster Cathedral, 3 pm. Mass and meets arishioners. Welwyn Garden City. (Digerati!. 6.30 pm Tuesday: Attends English College Appeal launch. Mansion House. 515 pm. Wednesday: C.D.A. Archbishop's House, am Consecrates Attar Golders Green, 7 pin. Thursday: Visits St Bernard's empital. Southall, 2 pm Speaks at RCO Autumn Dinner. Imperial College, pm.

Archbishop Bowen of Southerark: Friday: Interviews Suet/wig& Serninene7s. Si John s Seminary, Wrangell. Saturday: Confers Macro., Ordhations. end Ministers. St Jot, s 'Seminary. Wonersh. Monday: Bishops' meeting, Archbishop's House. 10 am. Attends Meeting Churches Main Committee. 2.15pm. Press Conference VEC Appeal. 5.30 pm. Tuesday: Mass and visit Sr Michael School Bermondsey, 11 am. Reception VEC Appeal Mansion House. 5 3013.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: Sun rimy: Maps for the elderly, Metropolitan Cathedral. 3 pre. Monday: Bishops Review Committee. Arc.hbishocis House. Westminster. 2 pm Tuesday: Travels to Rome for meeting of Pontifical Council for the Laity.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: Attends Papal Visit Spirltua/ PreParatloo Committee Meetinq. London. Attends AGM ur Somerset Catholic Youth Service Council. Bridgwater. 730 pre. Sunday: Mass at St Joseph's Home. Gotham. 11 am Tuesday: Mass at St John's School, Bath. pre. Pleases St Johns School. Beth, 7.30 pm Wednesday: Mass to inaugurate academic year at St Brendan's Sixth Form College. Bristol_ 11 15 aim Mass and blesses St Paure Church, Yale, 7 pm Thursday: Mass St Benedict s School.Chehenharn. I I ant Opens Sr Benedict 's School. Extension. 2 pm

Bishop Browser, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Assists at Priestly ordination of Rev. Leslie Price, St John's. New Ferry, 6.30 pm. Monday: Attends Review Committee of the Bishops Conference. Westminster 'Tuesday: Attends Inauguration of the English College, Rome, Appeal, Mansion House. Logdon. Thursday: Presides meeting of the Diocesan Liturgy Commis. Sian, SI Joseph's, Winsford. 7.30 pm.

Biehop hulks, -Auditory of Salford: Friday: visitation and tordir merlon Sacred Heart. Westhoughton. 7.30 pm Sunday: Visitation, 11 an, Confirmation, 3 pm, West Louufitori Tuesday: Bismots' Religious Commission. Ealing Abbey. 3.30 rim Wednesday: Council ei Bishops and Religious, are.1100d Avenue. 11 am Thursday: Rescue Council, Oldsbuty, 11 em.. .

Bishop Clark of [wit Anglia: Friday Saturaley: Meeting of the Ecumenical Commission of England and Wales. Mill Hal Sunday: Confirmation. Visitation at Hunstanton. Norfolk. Tuesday: Flesertion, la lallneh the Development Appeal for the Venerable English College. Rome, at Mansion Weise Bishop Cleary, Aultifury 61 Birmingham: Saturday: Attends meeting Association of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Town Hall. Birmingham. Mass. St Gathererss, Birmingham. 6 pro. Sunday: Mass St Chart s Cathedral. 10 30 am. Mass for SVP St Chad's Cathedral 3 pm. Tuesday: Lourdes Pilgrimage Committee. Coleshill, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Consecrates Sr Teresa's. Parkfield, yvieverharemon Bishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: Mass for Catholic Teachers' Federation. Cathedral. 7 pm. Sunday: Confirmation. SS Mary and Michael. Garslang. 10 30 am. Mass and presents knighthood of St Gregory. St Wilfrid's, Preston, 6.30 pm. Tuesday: 'English College Development Aoceal. Mansion Reuse. Loud." Wednesday: Blesses new exten Scrn KSC Centro. Preston 7 30 pm Thursday: Finance meeting. Bishop's House, Lancaster, 10.45 Visits fforntty perish, 3 am, Bishop Onset of Northampton: Saturday SundayVisitation and Confirmation. Oatchet. Tuesday, Chapter and Finance Board. Wednesday: Confirmation, Holy Ghost. Luton. Thursday: Confirmaton. Neste hie.

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury: Friday: Ordination to priesthood of Rev. Leslie Price, St John's New Ferry. 6.30 pm. Saturday: Lays Foundation stone of new church at Hattersiey. Hyde, 3 pm Sunday, Inaugural of the Deanery Pastoral Lawsuit. St Werburghs Deanery, St Saviour s, Sutton, 8 pm,. Sunday: Visitation, St Marys,' Middlawich Tuesday: Meeting with the Vicar for Religious' Shrewsbury.

Bishop Guatzslli, Bishop in East London: Friday: Confirmation, Poplar. 10 am Deans Meeting, Pope John House, 10 30 am Grouo Leaders Tower Hamlets, Pope John House, 13 pm Saturday: Justice and Peace Commission Leeds. Sunday: Mass, Islington, 6.30 pm. Monday: Pastoral Plan Theology Group. 10.30 am. Tuesday: Meeting. St Joseph's Hospice, 11 ant ClIA. Meeting, 5 pm. Mass for Vincentian centenary, WalaPing. 7 pm. , 0 e3ada CDA 10 am Confirmation. Upper ..4 pee Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Sevardey: Attends Day of Recollection for Soecel Ministers of the Eucharist. New lands School. Middlesbrough, 10 am to 4 pm Sitarist,: Attends FSA Conference. St .John's College. York. Mass. noon Monday: Attends Hierarchy Review Com. mmitt3e0epf:aeting, London. Tuesday: Cool-emotion St Joseph's Church. Loftus. 7 pre Wednesday: Meeeng of Bishops COL, Cil at Bishops House.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Area Pastore: Co_nuit, Goldfus Green 7

pm. Sunday: Mass. Guild of Catholic Doctors, 9.45 am. Visits Our Lady of Dolours. Hendon, 12 noon. Monday: St Thomas More's School, Wood Green. 9_30 am. Tuesday: Deans' meeting, 1.30 pm. Confirmation, St John Vianney, West Green, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: CDA. Archbishop's House.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday Saturday: Ecumenical Commission for England and Wales Conference. Damascus House, Mel FHA Sunday: South West Ecumenical Commission Training Day. Rigby Stuart College. Roeharnwoo 2.30 per to 6 pm Monday: Diocesan Bishops Meeting, 10 an, Visitation. Biggin Hilt 12.30 to 9 per. Tuesday: Mass and confirmation. Shooters Hill. 7.30 thunder. South East and South West London Sponsoring BMWs, Dulwich, 11 em to 3 ore. Mess and eardIrrostion„Biggin Hill, 7.30 Bishop Mahan, Audition/ of Liverpool: Friday: Spirituel preparation ;dr papal visit. Westminster Stride!: Visitation Sacred Heart. Si Helena Monday: Attends Christian Aid Service, Liverpool Cathedral. 7 30 Tuesday: Visitation St Helens. Opening of appeal for the Venerable English College. Rome. Mansion House. London. Wednesday: Silver Jubilee of Parish. Our Lady of Walsingham, Netherton. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Priregiving for St Gregory s Comprehensive school. Kirkby Suite, Kirkby Bishop Holland of Safford: Friday: Safford University Court. I I am. Dedication of St Vincent's Church Norden. Rochdale, 7 30 pm. Sunday: Visitation II am, Confirmation 3 pen. St Peter, Middleton. Tuesday: Schools Religious Inspectors AGM. Didsbury 11 are Wednesday: Visitation, St George. Nelsoo. 3 pm. Centenary mass, SI John, Padinam. 7.33 prn Thursday: Rescue Council, Delsbury. 11 are. Ecumenical meeting, Town Hall. Manchester. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Sunday: Holds Vocation Day. Monday: Deans'

Meeting. West Malting. Tuesday: Visit to Cornice Bare School. Sevenoaks.

Bishop Konstent, Bishop in Central London: Saturday: Profession. St Johns Wood, 12 noon. Sunday: Pottery Lane. 11.30 am. Monday: Mass, Maria Assum:ea. 12 noon. Opening St Patrick s International Centre. Soho. 7 per. Tuesday: Hierarchy Education Commission, Cromwell Road 11 am. CRAC Meeting, 2 pm. Westminster Pastoral Foundation Council, Kensington Square. 5.30 pm. Wednesday: CDA Meeting, Archbishop's House, 10 am. Westminster Pastoral Foundation Service, Kensington Square. 7 pm.

Bishop McCain., Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Bishop Walsh School, Association. Sutton Goldfield, 7.30 pm_ Tuesday: Mass, St Benedicts school. Alcester, 10.30 am Wednesday: AGM City of Birmingham Pastoral Council. 8 pre. Thursday: Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, 2.30 pm.

Bishop McGuinness Of Nottlinghem: Fri day: Catholic Head Teachers Conference, Nottingham University, Mass, 2.45 pm. Saturday: Day of Prayer beginning with Mass. Cathedral. 12 noon. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Louth Monday: Church Leaders meeting. Cathedral Hatt, Nottingham_ 2.30 pm. Tuesday: Catholic Teachers Association, Mass, Cathedral_ 7 per WedeeielleV 10th Anniversary of Christ the King School, Mass. Arnold. Nottingham. 1.30 pm. Thursday: Calechelical Commission meeting, Highlields. Derby. 2.30 pm.

Bishop McMahon of lirontwood: Friday: Meetings re Popes Visit, Archbishops House, Westminster. 10 am and 2 om Ecumenical meeting, Stock 8 pm Saturday: Ordains priests, St Augustine's, Barkingside, 12 noon. Attends Youth Conference. Mersea, pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation The Assumption of Our Lady. Maldon Monday: Attends Review of the Commissions meeting. Archbishop's House. Westminster 11 am Tuesday: Attends Launching of Appeal for the English College. Rome, at Mansion House. London. Thursday: Visitation, St Joseph the Worker, Hutton

Bishop Mahon, Bishop in West London: Saturday: Area Justice and Peace Commiettion.

P ublic discussion on the Morality In the Nuclear Deterrent. Campion House. 10 eel. Sunday: Western Area Mass. Westminster Cathedral, 3 pm Monday: Deans Meeting, 10.30 am. Tuesday: Heston Parish. Pope John Centre 8 om Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, Arclithshop's Hoare* 1,0 aM.• Thursday: Attendal3CC Uganoa Group,

Bishop Moverley of Hallam: Friday: School ma.. Dinnington. 10 are Visits parish after. Sunday: Confirmation. Dinnington. Mass to conclude the celebrations for 400th anniversary of Saint Vincent de Paul. St Vincent's. Sheffield. 6.30 pm. Monday: Mass memorial for Rev T Corrigan, University Chaplaincy, 7.30 pm. Tuesday:Si Mary's High School, Chesterfield. Mass and AGM of N E Derbyshire. CIF. Thursday: Attends open day at CVVL home, Shetfild. Reception, Bach Society at Marvin Art Gallery, Sheffield, 7.30 pm Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Llympool: Sunday: Visitation. St Francis de Sales, Liver000/ Monday: Attends Christian Aid Service. Liverpool Cathedral, 7 30 pm. Wednesday: Mass and Berm Merenti Medal Award. St Oarnald's Polgate, 7 30 Pe'

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel end

B righton: Friday: Attends Meeting of Deanery Confirmation coordinators, Christian Education Centre. Crawley Saturday: Mass. for 750th anniversary of Foundation or religious of St Andrew. Ashtead. Sunday: Attends Youthgather, St Wilfrid's Sehool. Crewley. Monday: Mass. Centenary of Sacrea Heart parish. Hose Tuesday-Friday: Conducts Retreat for Military Chaplains. Aviestard Priory

Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: S unday: visitation at Good Shepherd Church. Shenley Monday Thursday: Meeting of European Bishops.

Bishop Pearson, Illitsop in Cumbria: Fri day: Visits Si Kentigein s School. Blackpool, 9 50 am. Visit Christ the King School, Blackpool, 11.15 are. Sundray: Commissions Special ministers. Our Lady and St Michael, Workington. 9.30 cm. Tuesday: Meeting with sub commissions or I 'Religious Ealing "Vellabeii.''1.30. dol. thuradtri:4 Attends Finance meeting. Lancaster, Bishop ilkkagamot of Plymouth: Sunday: Visitation and Mass, St Joseph's Church, Parkstone, Poole. 10 am. Mass and confirmation. 3 pen. Tuesday: Diocesan Chapter. Mess, Cathedral House. Plymouth. 11 am Diocesan Schools Commission meeting. Cathedral House. 2.30 pm. Attends Appeal for the Venerable English College. Mansion • Lan don7.3 0 cr..

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Fri -. day: Attends Merton Deanery NPC Delegates Meeting, 8_1 5 pm. Saturday: Attends opening of St Austin's Hall, Wimbledon Park. 7 pm. Sunday: Induction of Parish priest at Wandsworth West, 6 pm Tuesday: Attends Reception for the Venerable English College Rome, at the Mansion House, 5 15 pin Induct s parish priest at Addiscombe. 7.30 pee Thursday: Attends IYDP Committee reeefing, Southwark, 7 pm Bishop Ward of MO1101/111: Sunday: Lead Pilgrimage and preach, Aylesford.

B ishop Wheeler of Loads: Saturday: Attends Annual Assembly Jirstios and Peace COT,e:SSI0f1. Sunday: Confirmation. St Pius it Holbeck MondeyFriday : Attends Rene al'Ioey pm. , 0 e3ada CDA 10 am Confirmation. Upper ..4 pee

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