Page 8, 26th April 1940

26th April 1940
Page 8
Page 8, 26th April 1940 — CARDINAL'S TASK FOR JOCISTS The Collaboration Between Capital and Labour

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Organisations: Jocist Movement
Locations: Paris


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CARDINAL'S TASK FOR JOCISTS The Collaboration Between Capital and Labour

On Sunday, Notre Dame was filled with the working men and women of Paris come to do homage to the memory of Cardinal Verdier in a special service organised through the J.O.C. (Young Christian Workers).

At the official Requiem for the Cardinal it was possible for the workers of Paris to be represented only by some of their delegates. The Jocists therefore organised a special service, arranged for a time when all the working members could be sure to be free to hear together a panegyric on the late Cardinal and to pray for the repose of his soul.

Prayers in the form of dialogue between priests and people recalled the work done by the Cardinal as leader, father and friend of his people.

In a sermon preached by the SecretaryGeneral of Catholic Action, Mgr. Cour-be, it was emphasised that the best kind of prayer for the Cardinal was to follow his example and teaching in daily life.

" With All My Heart I Bless

You "

The last meseage addressed to the Jocists by Cardinal Vcrdier was as follows :

"After this war we shall be able to achieve perhaps more easily than in the past the collaboration between Capital and Labour. I confide this task to the leaders of your Movement, which has best understood and best followed the teaching of the Encyclicals. It is you 'who will help me in putting these teachings into practice, in spreading them among the people.

"I want your decisions for my inspiration—not to judge them. I ask them of you and with all my heart I bless you.

" The events of to-day give to the Church an increasingly predominant part to play. God is shaping us by events to collaborate ever more closely with the Church.

" If we want the France of to-morrow to follow her mission we must prepare ourselves for the work now.

"I ask you to be proud and confident of your Movement, Of all the movements that exist the Jocist Movement has drawn towards it all our hopes, for it is the Movement that reaches the working classes, the people, the great majority of Frenchmen."

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