Page 8, 26th April 1985

26th April 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 26th April 1985 — • Orrenrean. M C Confirro,100. V Vialtiation Cardinal Hume, Arcirta

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• Orrenrean. M C Confirro,100. V Vialtiation Cardinal Hume, Arcirta

knee of Weiniurwre, Sunday: LuLluie. SI Mary s College Si,awberry T hit 1 45pin ThursdaylFridey: Ministry to Priests Meeting London Cofney Arm Archbishop Comte Oa Murville of Birmingham 5uriday: M for Good Silephord Sunday: SSClied's Cathedral 3pm. FrIdey: 0 Dr Brian McNeil Church ol the Canons. Reuulai 01 Windishelni. flume. 3pm Arehbiehep Word of Credit! Sunday. V & C. St Peter's Bargided Tuesday: Day of Recollection for Church Leaders in Wales. Oersted! I Dem Institute of Bankers' Annual Semen 51 John's Church. Cardill 30pre Wednesday: V a C Si Francis Xavier. Heralora Archbishop warlock of irverponi Sunder M lor Good Shepherd Sunday. Metropolitan Cathedral, 3pm. Wednesday Sionesciult Deanery Clergi, Archbishop's House. 12 30pm Thursday: Course on Pastotal Ministry, Upholland Northern institute 12 noon &Bawdily: Meeting of Archdiocese,' Pastoral Counc,1 M Julie's High school Wootton

Bishop Brewer, Coadlisam of Lancaster Sunday, V

• C St Mary's CkCatcir .Monday: V St Patrick's Schools Cleater Moor Thursday: Lourdes Pilgrimage Meeting Children's Sonia's, Offices, Preston 7 30pnr Saturday: Administers C Austin Friars School CarIrsle 11 :glom Begins V. tit Margaret Mary's Carlisle Bishop CMS of an Anglia Sunday: V & C VI SI Elheldreda's perish Ely Monday: Meetinu COuncil Of POWS, This While 110uSe. PerIngland I torn Tuesday: Launching PI NorwIch, 12-30prn Cancer Rellel Bishop's Huose Norwich C M Hurai Hospital School Ipswinh 5.30pm Wednesday. Ministry 10 Prism's Pruseniation Doy Numna,ket Thursday: Meets parents 01 51 Edmunds School. Gerleslon•cn•See it 30pm Saturday: Celebrates D iamond JoOrlde M Fisher House. Gamhvidgo 317, Begins V of Sr Huge of l Incoin Parise. bucklen Span

Bishop Burke. Auxin:ars Ior Saliord Sunday: V Si Phillips. Kersall Thursday: Rescue Cowl,' Didsburyi 2pm

(11,11nr., Cleary, Auxiliary for 131rmingharn Sunday: eads I your° Walt, Landon, 3pin Monday: St Joseplks Kings Notion 7 3Com Tuesday, M & Gi Chest the King iiingstarneng, ?SOW, Wednesday' Conceletnales M at Si Thomas More Shomon pm

Friday: M & Ashley, N Sleils 7 30prn

Bishop dowry of PortarnoulhSunday: SI Swittun. Southsee Perish V Tuesday: St Edward's Windsor

C M 13optri Wednesday: Biehoo's House

Portsmouth Diocesan Council ot Priests Meeting 1 lam Thursday. Si John's Cathedral. Portsmouth Good Shephina, M. 1 lam Friday. Si Mark. ',Windsor C. M, rpm Uneasy' St Jelin's Gather:UM Portsmouth CWL Annual General Meeting and M Bishop Foley 91 Lsinsaalei Sunday: V. St Mary's, Kolls, 10.30arn Wednesday: NI tor 75111 anniversary of Catholic Women League 51 Wilfrids. Preston 30pm Thursday: Finance Mauling. Bishop's House 10450w. C. Sr Benedict's. Mirehouse rpm Fdday: V School & Haussbourid Si Penick's Morecambe 1 3Aper

B ishop Gray of Shrewsbuty Sunday V Sr Anne's Crane' Hue,. Twiday. Bishop's Council Meeting, Curial Ottices I lam M io mark Sliver Jubilee of Si I hems& s nnurch Macon. 7 301,111 Rider: C. St

Saviour'S. G/031 Sulluu, T.30prn orday Thanksgiving M SoIetrOr blessing and ripening of new honm Ito oldolry. Park Mount Macolenheld, 3pm B MW Ournseill, Auditory for WOIIITInatar Sundey: Meet Conlirmandi. Poplar. 3 30prn ThuridayiErldey: Plenary Team meeting. London Col ne y 4pm.

Bisbee Hinnlean of Manuals SundePlilonday: V & C. Llandudno Tuesdiy. Church Lew:tern' Cloy. Llie..1.1! 10300m Friday: Mingo: University College Centenery Celebration, Bangui, Tam. Saturday: V Pallninat Dock Bishop Harris al MIdillsibrough Sunday: Concelebral es M SI Bene's HnII 10em. Presides and preacher, of M Sr Therene's Hull, 11.30am. *indite: M st I rimers Hop T 313prn Tuerdey: Dineessin LILLogy COOIMI5OlOn nieeting al Am pletorrh, 11.20am C Out Lady L SI Peter. Bridlington I 30pm weanesdayi Meets. whir College of Consultors at Bishop', Hr.,,,u t I am. Thursday: Blesses honed! retrulldriu Si Albans Reece! 2pm C. SI Albania.

Rafter, 7pm Friday: Conaele etas M III Serrool

G olden Jubilee. In SI FordrOla C wale Mlddlebrough. 7pm Saturday: Bigesing and ponIng chUrch, Si Margaret ClithafOre. Mashy. 2pi

Blehop Kelly of Salford Bunyley. V & C All Scuts Airman!! feenderihursday: ..ilor Clergy Retreat liaidey Rescue Cauccir Meet ng Didsbury. 2pm Thorsday.Fridey: V & C St Bond ace Lower B roughton

lostap Harvey, Auxiliary Sot Westminster Sunday: NI, Our Lady of DOIOLOO, Hendoh. loam AGM Secret & Pastoral ACiron St Joseph's •Gentre HensiOn it 1 .30am Tuesday C SI bebastran S SI Pancras, Kingsbury Green. 7.30pm Wednesday: C. St Paul. Wood Green 7pm Saturday: C. SI John Fisher, North Harrow 5pm Bleb* Henderson, &Meaty for Southwark Sunday: M S C Stacklen. liarli Monday: Diocesan Flounce Metall rig 11 em Tuesday: V Si Winifred I RC Nursery and infant School re, I Seel M S C. Lewisham 13pm Wednesday: A nual M tar Deceased Members of the SSC Prove 0 12 St George's Calhedlot T 30p171 Thursday: & C ykSuotwich 1 Npro Friday: 0111Mal opening i Si Mary., 1.1111,1.1 School. Glenure Read, althorn. par Bishop Kitchen. Aualnary for mrpoot Sunday: V SI Margaret Mary's, rosily Aert Tuesday: cathedral Mointenence Committee Cotnedral House rpm Wednesday: V infant & Junlur Schools SI Margaret Mary's. Natty AM 1 am Meade: V Cardinal Heenan School 75111 Anniversary Celebration. SI Joseph's Charley. Friday: Sr Emmanuel'! Golden Jubilee. Cheadle Church Saturdey. Atchdocii-ase Pastoral Council St Julrea High School 1 Bishop Jukes, Area elahnp In Kare Sunday: Doy ur Recollection lOr esseciel ministers at Wasl Malting 11.10am Multicultural kg Or George's Galho/1141 4pm Tuesday: Training Day fur clergy to 500000.. Weal Maliing 1 lam C el airchington, 7 30pm. Wednesday: Schools Col-rimiest on Meeting, Sinai glrehl Mardstosie. 2.30prri. Thursday, V Pater College. Word. ID 30arsi C. et 51 k.theiheal s Harmonic 7 Depso Friday: 0 In I he priesthoed. SI Geurge's, Southwark, 7pm. Selurdey: Speaks ai

• litienical Service English Men yrs Suomi 3pm

Blehop Kunst...M. londllary to Westminster Sunday, V. Wolfe clly. Monday: Deane meeting. Ogle Slieel 3pm Wednesday: Meets Confirmation group. Hammersmith 7pm. Thuf thaw-Friday: Minially 10 Priests Team meeting, Lundorr Cainey Setiodasi C While City Mabee Weenie, Auxiliary los Birmingham Smoday: Clvic service, Holy Redeemer. Pershore. 3uiri Mendel, Annual Meeting UCM Gland Hotel. Birmingham. 11 15am Ecumenical Coneultathe Committee 7pm Tuesday: V 54710010 and sick: SI Mary. Warwick. Wednesday: M St Auguatine's, Coventry. Spro Friday: M & C. Princelhorpe College, 5pm Biahep McMahen al Brentwood !Wilder. V S C. St Poler's Dagenham Tuesday: Meeting with Diocesan COnsullcrs, Cathedral House Brentwood. 3pM Wednesday: M for Justice & peace Group visiting South /Since. Cathedral 50115e, Brentwood I lam ['Awn Natrona! Musts Committee Meeting, London, 1 30pm Wads CAFOD Offices. London. 4301m MidiEsses Law Society Dinner_ Basildon, r 30pm Bishop Mahon. Auxiliary for Wealminaler Sunday: C. Oreentord 3in! C. Si Margaret's 6..30pm Monday: Meets Area Workers Gumley Houle 11 5Ciarn. Tuesday Area senate of Priests, Si Benedict's Abbey Ealing Mare Justice & Peace Meeting. Acton pm Wednesday: Meals participants ol Si Saunas Renewal COUI1M 4pm Social Pastoral Action Committee Meeting, Gumley House, awn Thursday: Linens) Centre Appeals Corm-tilts* Meeting and OVVVtIlLlib' Meeting, 4 30pm

Bishop Mewls, ill Hallam Sunday-FM:fey: Pilgrimage lo Lowden

Bishop Oentet J. Muffins. Are. tempo In Swam.. Sunday. Rehire Isom Vahadnird Twaday: Joint Day of Henerienrion Lleridnil Cargill lOarmSpin. Wednesday: Gomrhellee 01 BOOM fat Relighoue Shistres. Lnndon. 2pm Thursday: Diocesan Schools Commissicn, Archbishop's House. Cardiff. 2pm Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel & Brighton Sunday: Epsom Deanery C Arundel Calnedral 2.30 & Sinn Tuesday: V All Hollows annul. Farnham, all wetinelday, M I01 CWL and 1.CM St Joseph's Gorldlorrl Friday: Irrl for Me Pullsh community St

Mary Magdalene a Bnenton and vtalts the Polish Centre move 13 30pm Saturday Lewes Deanery C, Arundel Cathedral 11 30em

Melted J O'Brian, Auxiihey for Westminster Sunday: M at Warn Carmel, 1 lam Wednesday: Amnesiy International Menelaus Gemstone 00 Human Rights al Friends House Euston Road London, 1 lani Parish meeting al St Hilda's Sliegatl &pm Thursday: V St Catherine's Schott Garslon 10.arn Ministry to Priests Team as A11501,15 Pastoral centre diner Farley: C at SeCied Heart Church Betansmarean 7pm Saturday: J al Teem Mridalry Stevenage Bishop K O'Brien, Auxiliary al MIddhiebratigh Sunday: C. ci Si Anthony of Padua 6101100 5.30arn Monday: Forum at the Guildhall. e, 45pro Tuesday, De, of Pecolleolson at EndSleigh Convent, Hull Wednesday: Meeting of College of Consultors al Bishops House. Middlesbrough Thursday: Chair the Home Mission Commit lee int the Bishop's Conference at the Cathedral Nottingham Saturday: Opening 01 Pitney Charon York Mabee RawillhOres Auxiltery Bishop at Liverpool Sunday: V Weld Bar ilr. CI-torte?

Bishop Tripp, AusIllary In Southwark aundey Knights of SI Celumbe Board at Directors' Meeting Maittouttatal M. St George s Catheoral.aem Monday: V Si „Joseph's School Rotherhithe. 7pm-3pm. Tuesday: V to Wimbledon College. Preaches at Kingston Parish Church fur Opening at Kingston In May Festival 80) Wednesday: Indadta New Poriah Priest Cl New Malden 1 huredey: V 01 Philomene'S Schou'. Carahaltur, Saturday. Southwark end Arundel & Brighton Legion art Mary Gornillum Pa al. Aylestord, 12 noon Mel Tyburn Convent On the 4501h Anniversary 01 Tylkirir Marry ra Spin Stahop Wheal.. of LeedsSunday, V A. C Bali-don Monday: C.Y■C Hall Leeds awards Papal Medal, 12 noon N1 SI Witlrids Ripon, 7 30prri. Tuesday: V S C., Si sfairieisy's Halltax 'pm Ifivieday: Schott' M. MI SI Mary's l eens 1 lam Steering Committee ol Diocesan Pastoral Council, Notre Dom Leeds, 7pm Friday: Consecration ol English Martyrs. Hudderalteld 73oprn Saturdey: CWI M Cathedral 1 lain Mother Norbertine was born in Carrick-on-Suit in Co Tipperary on the 9th of May 1892. She was professed at the Mother House of the religious of Christian Instruction, Ghent on November 15th 1913.

She began her English apostolate at St Antony's, Sherborne in September 1914. When the senior school opened at Leweston in 1948 Mother Norbertine became head of the junior school. During her 25 years as head, 1,150 pupils came under her direction. In these Iasi few years she has been an outstanding example of joy and patience as age gradually restricted her activity.

The Very Rev Dom Ninian Fair, Prior of Downside since 1974, has died aged 78. Father Ninian was born in 1906 at Dundee, and was educated at Fort Augustus Abbey and in Glasgow, where he qualified as a chartered accountant in 1928. He worked in India from 1928 to 1932 and entered Downside Abbey as a novice in 1933. He was ordained priest in 1939. He served at various limes as Guestmaster. Junior Master and Parish Priest of Chilcomptort. His chief work. however, was in administration and accountancy.

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