Page 2, 26th August 1938

26th August 1938
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Page 2, 26th August 1938 — Five

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Locations: Budapest, Berlin, Rome, New York


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Minute News

Reply Not So Obscure

• • After great mystification General Franco's reply to the plan of the Non-Intervention Committee for the withdrawal of volunteers in Spain is now published. The reply seems clear enough. The General agrees to the plan except that he wants an equal number of volunteers to be withdrawn from both sides instead of the proportional plan. This is to counter the Red manceuvre of providing volunteers with Spanish nationality.

Failed to Climb Mont Blanc —Resigned

• Two French Cabinet Ministers resigned last week, one immediately after an unsuccessful attempt to climb Mont Blanc. The two Ministers did not like Premier Daladier's hint that there might be a modification in the forty-hour week. It should be noted, however, that these two Ministers have been having trouble in Marseilles lately. There has been a docker strike in that port and cargoes have had to be unloaded by French black troops. It seems that the strike is not so much a hid for improved conditions as a political maneeuvre.

Not So Far Away

• • Both Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Cordell Hull, the Secretary of State, have made speeches indicating that splendid isolation is impossible for the

United States in future. Mr. Roosevelt, at the opening of a new bridge over the St. Lawrence, said: " We is. the Americas are no longer a far-away Continent to which the eddies of controversies beyond the seas can bring no interest and no harm."

Headlines for Hutton

• • Herr Henlein, Admiral Horthy,

and the other hardy annuals, have temporarily left the headlines to make way for Hutton, the Hope of England. This Wonder Batsman has caused a welcome détente in the war panic by making a mammoth score against the Australians and beating lots of records.

Hungary, and all that

• • Admiral Horthy, the Protestant Regent of Hungary, is on a State visit to Germany. On Thursday he was given a tremendous welcome in Berlin. This affirmation of the close links between Germany and Hungary coincides with the arranging of a new pact between Hungary and the Little Entente (Czechoslovakia, Jugoslavia, Rumania).

By this pact the right of Hungary to rearm is recognised

Since the annexation of Austria Hungary has been drawn inevitably into Germany's orbit. Trade between the two countries has increased enormously, and in spite of Germany's slight to Budapest's Eucharistic Congress the two countries have drawn together.

"Are You a Jew?"

• • it is reported from Rome that the census of Jews is nearing completion. Jews are being dismissed from the Civil Service.

Ex-choirboy Harries Gangsters

• • Amazing revelations are being

made by witnesses in the Tammany Trial in New York. Jams Hines, a Tammany leader and one of New York's most influential politicians, is accused of corrupting magistrates to make sure that various gangsters got light sentences. The District Attorney responsible for the trial is Thomas Dewey, who is doing his best to clean up New York. As reported in the Press, he was once a choir-boy.

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