Page 6, 26th August 1955

26th August 1955
Page 6
Page 6, 26th August 1955 — 'Atheism is deceived: This is the time of God'

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Locations: Milan, Princeton, Cologne


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'Atheism is deceived: This is the time of God'

BERLIN'S Bishop, Mgr. Weskamm, preaching in the Red Zone last week, declared that atheism is deceived if it believes it is winning the battle for the minds of men.

The Bishop was speaking at the dedication of the enlarged St. Norbert's Church in Merscburg.

" The anti-Christ believes that his time has arrived. But he is wrong. It is the time of God," he said.

" Perhaps if seems presumptive to ask whether the Church is growing to-day when atheism has risen to the throne and acts anti speaks as if it alone should be heard."

But the effect of atheist propaganda, the Bishop declared, has been to harden the convictions of the faithful.

" The Church is growing in depth."

Materialism, too

And from across the world, in the Philippines, Bishop Gonzaga of Palo declares that materialism has failed.

The attacks of modern materialists who have sought to do away with " old-fashioned faith' have been weathered by the Church in the Philippines, he said. Through more than 50 years the Church there has stood its ground and preserved its profound spiritual values in spite of continuous attacks from different quarters.

Present-day evils and " isms." he added. do not stem from the " old

regime " but from modern materialistic minds who have preferred material to spiritual and moral values,

by Cardinal Frings, Archbishop of Cologne, the late Cardinal Schuster, Archbishop of Milan. Cardinal Van Roey, Archbishop of Malincs. on behalf of the Belgian Hierarchs'. and this year the Hierarchies of the Philippines and Ceylon The Moral Rearmament movement also known as the Oxford Group movement. and as Buchmanism—was launched by Dr. Frank Buchman. a Lutheran minister. in 1909 at Princeton, New Jersey.

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