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26th August 1977
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Page 3, 26th August 1977 — I PEOPLE AND PLACES PEOPLE AND PIACI At the 100th Catholic

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People's Week, just concluded at Our Lady's Priory, Haywards Heath, Sussex, Anglican and Catholic lay-people, together with joint chaplians from both denominations, for the first time spent a whole week together discussing ecumenical problems. The discussions covered the Anglican; Roman Catholic Suitemerit on the Eucharist. Ministry and Authority, and it was decided w accept them as a basis for future progress. 'The guest speakers included the Rev Austin Master,, SSM, home secretary of the Board for Mission and Unity, and Canon Richard Stewart, Secretary of the Catholic Ecumenical Commission of England and Wales.

The Anglican contingent was led by the Rev Ddvid Bartlett, vicar of SS Peter and Paul, Bromley, Kent, and Mr Ron Palmer, also from 13rornley, was one of the co-chairmen. The Catholic chaplain was Fr Garry Pierce, parish priest of St Aidan's. Coulsdon, Surrey. and Mr Cidin Stockford, from Blandford, Dorset, was the other co-chairrn,m_ Two Fachnri-os were celebrated dailyin which both contingents hiok part, while observing the present discipline on intercommunion. The week ended with a form of service following that of the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury during the latter's recent visit to Rome. The congregation separated for their own Communions, coming together at the end to exchange the Sign of Peace and receive the Blessing.

Cardinal Herne will celebrate the eleventh annual Guild Mass of the Catholic Stage Guild at the "Actors' Church." Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane, WC2, on Sunday, September 18 at II am.

More than 100 people from all over Britain and from as far as Wellington, New Zealand, attended a conference on Catholic Charismatic Renewal at Worth Abbey last week. Bishop Langton Fox, Ecclesiastical Assistant to Catholic Charismatic Renewal, spoke on the conference's principal theme "Your names are

written in Heaven" a text taken from St Luke's Gospel. Other speakers included Dom Nicholas Broadhridge of Douai Abbey who spoke prayer. Participants also joined the Worth monastic community in its public prayer in the Abbey church throughout the live-day conference.

An inter-denominational working part of the Cheltenham Council of Churches has produced a report on the state of religious education in maintained schools in their area. There will he an open meeting on the report at the Salem Baptist Church, Crescent Place. Cheltenham, on September 13.

Miss Cicely Mary Ridgway Bridson, of Hobson Road, Oxford, who died in April, left £20.156 gross, £19.214 net. She left £1,000 to the Convent of the Sisters of Charity, Knowle. Bristol.

The economic and financial aspects of today's popular demand for State welfare were among the subjects considered by the 80 participants at the 1977 Plater Summer School held at Plater College, Oxford, last week. The theme was "Community and Conscience: An Examination of the Welfare State" and the organisers received a special message from Pope Paul asking the conference to take particular note of the encyclical Gaut/lam et Spes in their deliberations. It was revealed that a new organisation was shortly to make its debut. An inaugural meeting of Christians for Social Justice is expected to be held in London in the early autumn.

When confronted with outbreaks of violence such as those at Lewisham and Ladywood the Churches must do more than condemn violence, according to the Grubb Institute Summer School held recently in Westminster, In a discussion on the functions of the Churches in modern society. it was pointed out that Christians must be conscious of the positive contribution to the wellbeing of society which they were called on to make by their beliefs.

The combined efforts of St Clare's and St Margaret's Ecumenical Group, Middlesbrough, have compiled a programme of events for the months of September to April, ending with a Unity Service at St Clare's Church. The open meeting will take place in St Clare's parish rooms and St Margaret's Hall, the neighbouring Anglican ,church at Brookfield. Speakers will be from the Salvation Army, the Baptists, the Society of Friends and the Methodists and finally the Church of England and the -Catholic Church.

* * "The Family of God" a conference sponsored by the Southwark Service Committee for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal will be held at Digby Stuart College, London, front September 9 to 12. Speakers will include Fr Michael Simpson, SJ, and Sr Richard McKay, and the programme includes extensive activities for children. Details from: Conference Secretary, 58 Princes Road, London, SW19.

A service to commemorate John Howard's pioneering work "The State of the Prisons" will be held in St Paul's Cathedral Crypt, London at 12 am next Friday. Dr Marjorie Jones. JP, will give the address at the service which is organised by the Howard League for Penal Reform.

* * *

A group of young people from Ulster played the flute, oboe, trumpet and violin at Mass in the Church of Our Lady and St Charles, Keswick, Cumbria. They were the Ulster Unionist Musical Group, who were on holiday in the Lake District ,and were returning home later in the day. A conference entitled "Is there a Christian Life-style?" will be held on Saturday, October 15, at Whitefriars School, Gloucestershire. Speakers will include Alex Cosgrave of the Catholic Herald; the Rev Sebastian Charles of the Community Relations Division of the British Council of ( hurehes; the Rev Colin Hodeetts from the Othona Community; and Dr John Vincent, the Methodist Superintendent and Director of the Sheffield t 'than heology Unit. For further information write to Mr Jack Fraser, Secretary, Cheltenham Council of Churches, 16 Belford Grove. Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. Gloucestershire.

Bishop Butler. Bishop of Hertfordshire, will give the first of the Hampstead Study Lectures at the Hall Junior School, Belsize Park, London, NW3, on Septemher 15. His theme will be "Modern Scholarship and the Historical Jesus." Details of these lectures and a w ale range of courses offered in the I lampstead Christian Study Centre are available from Mrs Elizabeth Beesle;., 25 Rothcm ick Road, London, NW I 1.

The Charity Christmas Card Council now has available a list of its members together with their cards and gifts. A new range of cards is offered, and a wide range of gifts. Brochures and order forms from 1 Long Acre, London, WC2. Please enclose a 9in x 4in stamped addressed envelope. The council opposes any kind of "inertia selling" and advises the public that there is no need to pay For unsolicited goods and Christmas cards sent through the post. The council will be glad to hear from people who are inconvenienced in this way.

A festival of flowers will be held at the Church of St Anne and Blessed Dominic, Sutton. St 1leIens. Merseyside. from Septemher 8 to I I. The theme of the festival will he "Go Ye and Teach All Nations." The festival will he officially opened by Fr Hubert, CP, the Provincial of the Passionist Doles in -England. Festival programmes will be on sale at the church door at 20p. Alf the proceeds will go towards the Church Building Fund.

Last year the Newport Catholic Boys' Choir sang in the 16th annual international music festival at Loreto, on the Adriatic coast, and this year it is the only British choir selected to take part in Elie Guido d'Arezzo Festival, Tweno•two members of the choir, with their director, Michael Landers, and their accompanist, Gerard Cunliffe, set off For Italy this week. After singing at Arezzo, they will spend two days near Lake Como as guests of the Little Singers of E.rba, and a further two days at Metz in France.

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