Page 4, 26th December 1941

26th December 1941
Page 4
Page 4, 26th December 1941 — NOTES AND

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Locations: Rochester, Moscow, Baltimore


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IT is curious that the critics of Govern

ment tactics who so loudly demanded the invasion of the Continent in order to relieve Russia of German pressure should be silent as to the opportunity presented to our Allies of similarly assisting us. Now that the Red Armies seem to have secured ascendancy over the German forces on their Western front is the time for them to tear up their treaty with Japan and come to the aid of our hardpressed garrisons in the East. The suggestion is not any more foolish than that which would have embarked us on the suicidal course of invading Germanoccupied territory in the West.

Indeed, Russia's reluctance to declare war on Japan, though under the circumstances •it may he justifiable, is capable of more than one interpretation and certainly cannot he attributed to a respect for treaties. It remains a possibility that Moscow has adopted the Nazi policy, of defeating its enemies "one by one, in which case, we may regard its very considerable reservd as constituting a second line of defence against a Japanese breakthrough to India. But these surmises do not exhaust the possibilities of the situation.


ONE of the surprising things about

recent diplomatic developments is the way in which the republics of South America have lined up behind the United States, showing in this way their disregard for the considerable influence exerted by sympathisers with Germany in their midst. The attitude adopted will not be without its effect on the situation in Europe. It is not to be supposed, of course, that Spain wilt feel obliged to follow the example of those so closely allied with it in blood and traditions. Nevertheless, the fact that South America has cast in its lot with the Allies cannot but have a moderating effect upon Falan

gist tendencies. It cannot be pretended that the same solidarity exists between Spain and Portugal and their former colonies and that which exists between Great Britain, Canada and Australasia, but that ideological and commercial ties are strong cannot be denied.


IN our last issue we reported the Bishop

of Baltimore as having said : " There will come a time once more when we shall be able to exercise our right as citizens of a democracy to criticise constructively the policies of our Government. But today there is no time for criticism, nor for any word or deed that might even seem to weaken national continental unity, so essential to the successful defence of the United States." And it was stated that the Bishop of Rochester had spoken in similar terms. In effect this implies that, under present circumstances, the Christian conscience is handed over to the State, and that, instead of maintaining the right and fulfilling the duty of directing the public conscience, the Church submits uncritically to any policy. any method which the Government may choose to adopt. The subservience of the Nazi does not go further than this. There is no Government on earth which can be trusted in this way, certainly not the Government of the United States. The only explanation of these alleged episcopal utterances is that they have been misreported or that the full context would put on them another interpretation than that which, in their present form, they bear.


BEFORE the war this newspaper

pleaded for a new deal as far as the treatment of the armed forces were concerned. It has always seemed to us quite intolerable that during a war the nation should he divided into two classes, those who fight and lose and those who do not fight and prosper. Again and again we have returned to the same point. We no longer fight with professional armies, but

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