Page 9, 26th February 1937

26th February 1937
Page 9
Page 9, 26th February 1937 — Workers Are The Only Decent Communists

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Locations: Madrid, London


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Workers Are The Only Decent Communists


—And Mean War And



It apparently fights under three banners: Peace; Anti-Fascism; and the United Front.

Its real aim, however, is War (against the Christian Tradition and anything it dislikes and labels Fascism) and the Workers' Totalitarian State (under the guise of democracy).

There are three armies at work. The Communists among the real workers, employed and unemployed. These have real grievances and inspire respect. The middle-classes and lower middle-classes, who support Peace and " Friends of Spain"-1770Si with their tongues in their cheeks. The intellectuals, typical of which are the Left Book Club and the Artists' International Association.

Millions are being deluded by the clever tactics being used in the propaganda.

Our Industrial Correspondent describes the results of recent investigations below:

From Our Industrial Correspondent "There are over six hundred thousand potential Communists in Great Britain, though only 8,000 paying members of the Party, many of whom contribute each week to the upkeep of the Daily Worker." This is one of a kind of remark 1 hear daily from workers, employed and unemployed, who rejoice in the Communist label. Here are sonic more: " We do not receive financial support direct from the Soviet Government, but there is a collecting box in every factory in Russia into which workers contribute each week."

" Our time is coming whether you like it or not. The alternative is Fascism and the workers will not stand for that. if it means bloodshed . . . well ! . . . we do not want that. But . . . unemployment drives men to extreme measures."

" Many of our financial supporters are members of the extreme Socialist pan. ties."

Thu Triple Source The unemployed,-of course, form the great reservoir of Communists. They can be divided into three categories. The first are the unmarried men from 16 to 25 who are under the direct influence of Communist " key-men," who tell them that present wages are sweated wages, and that it is better to be unemployed than to be paid 35s. a week. The second are the married men from 20 to 30 who speak bitterly about their wives having to go out and work as breadwinners, thus keeping the men. They have no use for trades unions or the Labour Party. The third, the older men, have comparatively little faith in Communism and some of them even will say that conscription would be a good thing for the young unemployed.

The Next Slump

Two things stand out when one enters their great Communist reservoir.

The first is that these men are comparatively honest and have genuine grievances on which the leaders can work easily enough.

The second is that if another serious slump comes England's way. the number of potential Communists will increase from 600,000 to two or three millions.

Love, not hatred; respect, not despising; a burning desire to see these men having the chance to be men, not a desire to oppress them further; these are the feelings engendered by association with the reservoir of Communism.

Their leaders have nothing but further misery and worse tyranny to offer them, though many of them do not know it and many are sincere enough.

The Most Dangerous Very different indeed are the feelings engendered by contact with the better known leaders whose names appear in the papers and for the thousands of comparatively well-to-do young men and women of every walk of life, who attend public meetings, who write books and pamphlets and who sign papers on behalf of pacifism, the Spanish workers, and the United Front.

These people are not actuated by a love for the working-man and a desire for social justice : they are people with phobias, a burning hatred for Christianity, above all, and a burning hatred for their opponents whom they call Fascists.

Are we to believe that nothing but a sincere desire for peace animates the "Peace Weeks " in the organisation of which nothing is overlooked and for which nothing that money can buy is missing: pageants, receptions, public meetings, exhibitions, discussions, dances, poster parades, press and advertisement publicity? At these meetings a Catholic speaker is the lion, the catch of the evening. Why. because his words can be broadcast to Catholics to calm their instinctive fears.

Mr. McGovern But better even than the packed peace meetings—at which a collection to continue the war in Spain is generally made—

are the dozens and dozens of public meetings to help the Spanish workers in their fight for democracy.

I attended one such meeting last week. The chief speaker was Mr. John McGovern, Cathcilic Socialist and notorious fighter against what he calls ecclesiastical domination. He brazenly referred to his pamphlet " Why Bishops Back Franco," and, indeed, said nothing more than was to be found in that pamphlet. Not a word about the devastating criticism of every word of that pamphlet by Dr. Grimley in the Catholic Times. Not even a word in answer!

The meeting ended enthusiastically with the singing of the Internationale.

A purely anti-religious affair under the auspices of helping Spanish democracy!

This is the sort of thing happening all around us.

The Intellectuals

Then over and above this middle and lower-middle class propaganda for Cornmunism under the guise of anti-Catholicism and anti-Fascism comes the work of the intellectuals, represented by such things as the Left Book Club which with its meetings, discussions, clubs and forty thousand Members, all under the disguise of students of academic socialism fostered by respectable London publishers, is feeding Britain with revolutionary literature. The heavy books arc for show; the pamphlets and leaflets stocked by the workers' bookshops and distributed wholesale are for use.

Propaganda of Art

Another example of the intellectual backing comes from the artists.

Fighting in the van of the pro-Red movement in this country is the Artists' International Association which recently sent the following telegram to General Maija who, until this week, has been in charge of Madrid's defence : " We wish to express our solidarity with the defenders of Madrid in their heroic fight."

News for the Artists

For sheer impudence and brazen bad-will the following extract from the Artists' News-Sheet is unbeatable:

" The news collected by us during the last month affords a striking contrast in the attitude to culture of the rebels and the government. Franco is bombing the civilian inhabitants of Madrid and destroying houses, palaces and works of art from the air. The people's government on the other hand, harassed as they are by the most appalling problems, are yet finding time to remove to safety the art treasures of the city. The ruthless indifference to Spain's cultural heritage on the part of the man who said : If necessary, I will kill half Spain,' is in remarkable contrast to the concern of the Spanish people."

Among the artists who support this sort of propaganda are Stephen Bone, Vanessa Bell, Henry Moore, Duncan Grant, Frank Rutter, Herbert Read, Clare Leighton.

One is especially sorry to see the name of Eric Gill associated with Artists' NewsSheet. Mr. Gill is not a member of the A.I.A., but when the committee apologised to him for including his name they state that they received the following answer: " No harm is done at all. I was quite pleased to .see my rumte in your news-sheet, even though the implication is wrong."


Thus to sum up. We are in the midst of a veritable revolution with three armies. The army of the Communist workers, mostly unemployed, the victims of today and the declined victims of tomorrow; the army of the partly hypocritical and partly deluded middle and lower-middle classes stimulated by peace-meetings and friends of Spain meetings; and the army of very clever and very hypocritical intellectuals who supply the brains and the respectability!

The officers come from the organisers of the political United Front and the generals from over the waters!

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