Page 2, 26th February 1965

26th February 1965
Page 2
Page 2, 26th February 1965 — CHURCH WILL NOT BOW BEFORE IDOLS

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People: Hitler, Germaay, Pius Xi
Locations: Munich, ROME


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AN article showing Pope Pits!, XII's attitude toward Nazism and Germany, based on official Vatican documents, has been published by Rome's Jesuit review. Civilta Canolica.

Publication came at a time when police were speculating that a bomb was exploded at the Vatican on February 17 was it protest against a ban on a Rome performance of "The Representative". a play criticising Pius X11 for not aiding the Jews enough during their persecution by the Hitler regime.

The article recalls that in August 1937, the Italian ambassador to Germaay urged the Iloly See to bow before the "idol" of the Cierman Nazi State rather than set off stiffer persecutions. Pius Xi replied that the Church does not "bow before idols which may be broken themeelves",

Civilta Cattoliea said that at the death of Pius X1 it was obvious that "relations between the Holy See and Hitlerite Germany were in a state or such tension as to make it seem that there was no way out".

With the election of Pius XII, the 1-eYieW said, many circles hoped that a new relationship could he found. The new Pope called on the German and Austrian cardinals to draw up memos on the most important aspects of their problems.

Cardinal Bertram of Breslau and Cardinal eaulhaher of Munich urged Pius XII to write to Hiller proposing new approaches to peaceful sulutions of the Church-State problem. The Pope told Cardinal Fatilha her: "We cannot yield on principles. When we have made all efforts and they want war at all costs, we will defend ourselves. But the world has to see that we tried everything to live peacefully with Germany."

The Pope wrote a letter to Hitler that was a careful but courteous expression of high regard for the German people and of hope for fruitful co-operation for the good of the German people.

Commenting on the letter, Civil:a Cattaliva declared: "The letter to Hitler was not a concession nor did it express sympathy fur a new form (Jr government, much less for art anti-Christian vision of the world."

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