Page 2, 26th January 1951

26th January 1951
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Page 2, 26th January 1951 — ! POINTS FROM LE TTERS Churches dedicated to the Assumption The three

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Locations: London, Surrey, Durham


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! POINTS FROM LE TTERS Churches dedicated to the Assumption The three

ancient churches in Sussex dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady are at Etchingharn. Petworth and Puthorough. Two further similar dedications have recently come to coy notice. The total of preReformation churches in England known with certainty to have been dedicated to the Assumption is now 46. Of these 23 are in the diocese of Northampton, of which 14 are ILO be found in the county of Buckingham. -R. B. MALINsete. Odsey, Cambs.

Northern Ireland

I would strongly endorse your correspondent's appeal to the British public to denounce in a forthright manner the rotten sectarian, political monstrosity in the north-east corner of Ireland. This could be done through the medium of the main political parties, the trade unions and all bodies concerned with civil and religious liberty.-D. McCoY. 10 Hans Place, London, S.W.1.

Advertising services I must thank "Ex-Merchant Navy" for his contribution to this subject of advertising, pointing out how far Americans are ahead of us in making the Faith known. Now that the Festival of Britain is coming along we shall be having many visitors from overseas and it is not inconceivable that our visiting Catholic friends may attend a wrong place of worship if things are not made perfectly clear. Great care should therefore be taken in advertising and it would be well to include the name of the diocese and the resident priest-4011N R. Cox, Tourneys End, Wye, Kent.

Evening Mass Believing that evening Mass was, apart from the ancient Church, a modern innovation, I was surprised to read in a romance about medieval England, namely, Scott's " Ivanhoe," chap. iii: "The Lady Rowena, who had been absent to attend an evening mass at a distant church. etc."-BRo. BERNARD, London.

Cold-shouldered Colonial visitors Mr. Alfred Wan's letter has decided one Catholic at least to do what he can to greet Colonial visitors in Mr. Wan's circumstances.-L. R. STEVENS, Stella Mans, Dirtham Lane, Effingham. Surrey.

Pooling of church funds

Your comment on the letter " A suggestion from India " points a problem I've never understood, viz., why Church funds are not pooled nationally. One reads pathetic appeals from poor parishes, and at the same time realises the com.para

five wealth of others. ED. O'CONNEL L, 18 Morton Avenue, Crook, Co. Durham.

" Unsolicited gift parcels stolen "

I dispatched last year two parcels to a German family in the greatest

need. The second parcel did not arrive, though it was posted six weeks before Christmas and did not contain anything that is prohibited by the customs and was clearly marked unsolicited gift. There must be somewhere thieves who specialise in stealing on this route to Bavaria. 1 wonder what could be done.ELIZABETH CASTON I E R, Froyk Mill Farm, Alton, Hants, Italian captives in Russia It may be even now possible that the German P.O.W. slaves now in Russia may return eventually to their families. at least one hopes and prays that they may yet return. It is a little hopeful that they have been allowed to communicate with their families. but alas thousands of Italian P.O.W. slaves are known to have last been alive in the Russian slave camps and their families are yet without any news of them, I have recently returned front seeing many of their distressed families in Italy. Why does the Soviet persist in its denial that any Italians are detained within Soviet territory ? Why does the Soviet Embassy ignore all letters sent to them on this subject ? About 90000 Italians are known to have been captives in Russia and of this number only 12.500 have returned to Italy where they arrived clad in raga and in a pitiful state.Mictteet. E. G. HUNTLEY, HOD. Secretary, Society of the Friends of Italy, 3 St. Peter's, Bethersden, Ashford, Kent.

Society of Croatians I am writing on behalf of Croatians Society to thank 'too for kindness for printing our appeal in THE CATHOLIC HERALD, December 22, to help our Croatians in D.P. camps, T.B. hospitals, etc. Already we have a nice lot of things from your readers, our friends to whom I want to express my heartfelt thanks for sincere Catholic understanding.A. Tomesovicu, Secretary of the Society of Croatians in Great Britain, 41 Myddleton Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex.

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