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26th January 1962
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Organisations: American Party
Locations: Zagreb


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THE NINTH CIRCLE Certificate "A" Director: France StIglic VUGOSLAVIA is not a pro lific film-producing country. Nor is this exception particularly original. alas, since it deals with the persecution of Jews during the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia. The basic pattern is the same as in other Nazioccupied countries; a pattern of raids, concentration camps and deportation in death trains.

Zagreb. however. makes a colourful change of setting. There is a refreshing youthfulness both in the feeling of the film although the director's constant use of staircases is derivative and about the players themselves.

Dusica Zegarak is a wonderfully pretty and poignant heroine as the young Jewess who is given shelter by Croat friends of her father. The young son of her protectors also gives her his name in IDUSICA %EC ARA( as the young Jewish girl, Ruth, in

"The Ninth Circle".

a formal marriage which inevitably turns to love.

There are some hideous scenes of brutality in the women's camp. If films on this theme should. as I think, be made and shown regularly lest we forget and cease to believe them, here are some of the incredible facts presented in a form of comparatively acceptable art, fairly half primitive.

LOVER COME BACK Certificate "A" Director: Delbert Mann

DORIS DAY is one of the most likeable Hollywood ..1.1•• (though I'm sorry her charmingly irregular teeth appear to have been uniformly capped). The censor has not found it necessary to award one his "X"-es to this comedy of the advertisement jungle. and parts of it are indeed very funny thanks mostly to the presence of that eccentric young comedian Tony Randall, as well as partly to the good humour of Rock Hudson as Mr. Randall's employer and Miss Day's rival advertising agent.

In spite of these charming people. the script is a sorry tasteless affair. Two writers. two producers and one director achieve an average of about one witticism each at the expense of the advertising business. While a story which rests on a marriage contracted and consummated in alcoholic unconsciousness seems at least as objectionable as the professional "X" of the Italian film.

HUNGRY FOR LOVE Certificate "X" Dtreclor: Antonio Pietrangell

ANOTHER distressing subject. the closing of Italian brothels. or rather the fate of their inmates after closing of a house, is here treated with considerable feeling.

Simone Signoret is the leader. rather like a head prefect or deputy Madam who leads half a dozen girls into what they hope will be respectable retirement running a restaurant.

Madame Signoret is in every sense a tower of strength. Without her there would never be a hope of success for the restaurant; without her performance. rich in humanity and compassion, it would be difficult to follow the fortunes of the girls with enough sympathy.

That exciting actress. Emmanuelle Riva. makes a touching figure of the most tattered and lot oken of the girls. The film and its pleas would be more cogent if less sentimentalized.

ADA Certificate "A"

SUSAN HAYWARD once again shows that she can rival Joan Crawford on her own ground. Here she is an ambitious woman politician with a past that makes her husband's constituents blink and makes her invite them to tea to show she can pour .out.

Miss Hayward is quite able to take on not only Miss Crawford but the American party machine in general and in particular Wilfred Hyde-White. whose performance as the wholly evil party boss is 50 much the most enjoyable thing in the film.

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