Page 10, 26th January 1973

26th January 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 26th January 1973 — Over-population is not a problem here, says Dr. Marx

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Over-population is not a problem here, says Dr. Marx

DR. PAUL MARX. an American Dominican, heard so much about the density of Britain's population that he was "astounded to learn that only 8 per cent of the land has been built upon, and that 50 per cent of the population lives and works on only 3 per cent of the land area."

He will say at a meeting in Birmingham tonight : "Like many industrial nations, the great need here is an entirely different problem from overpopulation."

The priest, author of a bestseller, "The Death Peddlers", is on a tour of Europe speaking against abort ion and euthanasia.

The Birmingham meeting is one of a series of regional events organised by the Human Rights Society. Supporting Dr. Marx will be Mrs. Jill Knight. M.P.


• He says in his prepared speech. referring to population hysteria, "I am 'surprised that you have a Paul Erlich cult here. In America no top demographer takes him seriously.

"He is a scientist and his speciality is butterflies. In fact in America, we think Erlich as a demographer makes a splendid 'butterfly man and we wish he would stop fluttering .his wings so hysterically.

"You only have to consider 'his statement regarding Britain Ito realise what nonsense he talks. In London when giving his inaugural address as President of the Conservation Society, he said that it was vital that Britain should bring its population down to 30 million or less with all possible speed.

"To follow his advice, however. would mean that not one baby could be born in Britain for the next 36 years. Therefore in order to balance the population so that you would support the old, you would not only have to bring in compulsory birth control. but compulsory euthanasia as well."

PATTERN He also says: "Evidence showing that abortion and euthanasia are but two sides of

the same coin are mountainous. Precisely the same pattern has emerged in Britain as in the U.S.A. showing that one leads to another.

"When British M.P.s such as Jill Knight warned during the debate on the abortion law that it would open the floodgates to euthanasia. they 'were jeered at. At that time it was thought that the first attempt to legalise euthanasia in Britain would come within two years of the abortion law being passed.

"In fact the Voluntary Euthanasia Society did not even wait one year, they placed a bill before the House of Lords only ten months after the abortion law was passed. They made another attempt in the House of Commons a year later and now they say that they are trying to have a further bill presented.

HAWAII STUDY "Compare this with America. The legislature of the State of Hawaii has appointed a year-long committee to study euthanasia and in doing so stated quite bluntly that they had attended to the beginning of life by legalising abortion and that they must now attend to the control of the end of life and consider euthanasia.

"Only 17 states in America have legalised abortion and in seven of these there have since been persistent attempts to bang in euthanasia laws.

"In our two countries you can see the same names emerging in both 'abortion and euthanasia. In Washington. Arval Morris, a Professor of Law who engineered the abortion referendum, denied to the legislative committee that there was any link 'between abortion and euthanasia. Yet as soots as the abortion law was passed he began pushing euthanasia."

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