Page 10, 26th January 1996

26th January 1996
Page 10
Page 10, 26th January 1996 — Skitterin g about in the nude I JUST HEARD about the lady

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Skitterin g about in the nude I JUST HEARD about the lady

in Coventry Cathedral, who took all her clothes off, from my friend the ex-marine who said thoughtfully that she appeared to have an all-over seamless tan.

Then I heard a recording on the radio in which I think I heard her squawking that the motor car was an offence to Mother Earth.

The motor car, although useful to the, individual, is an undoubted nuisance to the people of the world who resent having their views and amenities spoiled, and the air they breathe polluted by unwholesome fumes.

Few are willing to give up their own motor car but they wish everyone else would. Mother Earth however retains her equanimity: nothing bothers Mother Earth since she is a lump of rock covered with a lot of water, soil, trees grass, flowers, etc animals and us.

We certainly inconvenience ourselves with our fiendish ingenuity and our intentions, our fixation on "progress".

It is entirely possible that we will bring about our own extinction but Mother Earth won't mind a bit.

She may, of course, be in no position to care since we might have blown her to bits, together with ourselves, and we will be scattered through space.

The poor who live close to Mother Earth and rely on her for subsistence will, have noticed a lack of maternal concern on her part.

They have to work unremittingly to keep her at bay, at the mercy of floods, drought, weeds and other natural phenomena not designed for the comfort of mankind.

Even in more clement conditions the gardener will have realised that nature is not entirely on his side, especially if he goes away for a week, while many a farmer has been brought to despair, striving to make a living. Somebody, somewhere will be citing the "Native American" and the lovely relationship he had with the earth once upon a time; but he had a lot of it and most of it was very pleasant until Columbus came along.

The Native American would have known himself to be privileged and ought to express his awareness with rites both grateful and propitiatory (some of these were in doubtful taste but that's beside the point). There was a long tradition in the human race of mistaking the building for the architect and praising it accordingly.

One feels that if the architect has gone to the trouble of providing the building with all that the human frame needs it is short-sighted to thank the building and unfair to the prime mover.

As to skittering about in the nude (a state described by certain earth worshippers as "sky clad") it is difficult to see the point of it in an inclement climate.

Perhaps the reasoning behind it is that of the advertising agent who firmly

believes that he can sell anything by means of showing images of expanses of undressed flesh.

It catches the attention in countries where it is custom. ary and polite to go round with your clothes on. In hot countries where clothes are in short supply it is the over• dressed who draw notice to themselves.

Or perhaps the ideas of the streaker spring from the supposition that nudity brings us closer to Mother Earth. It can certainly make us more aware of the discomforts inherent in the planet sunstroke or frostbite as the case maybe, and sharp stones and thistles and stinging insects.

Our early ancestors, being people of some common sense, stole the skins of animals to distance themselves from earth's unkindness but this is now regarded with abhorrence as mankind grows increasingly less spititual and closer to the beasts. The human race is no longer aware of the Creator but sees itself as no more than part of the furniture.

This is not a universal attitude but it is weirdly fashionable.

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